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10 September 2015

The humble fly screen has long been a staple of many Australian households. Starting with the obvious, their ability to block out flies, there are a number of benefits that fly screens can provide to any household, which makes them both a popular and necessary choice for any modern home.

31 August 2015

How much more likely are you to experience crime in your state compared to the rest of Australia? In this page we take statistics from the ABS to find just how dangerous each state is compared to the rest of the country.

18 August 2015

The average home can be a dangerous place for young children, with many things we consider to be ‘safe’ actually posing a very real threat to the safety of young children. It’s important to make sure that you’re aware of any potential dangers. Ensuring that your home is child-friendly doesn’t need to be a difficult […]

22 June 2015

We should all be allowed the freedom to feel safe in our own homes. Living in a community should be enough to give us that freedom, but often you cannot rely on the goodness of those around you to feel safe. The upside of this is that by examining crime statistics and patterns we can […]

02 February 2015

Your home absolutely must have a fire escape plan. Should the house catch fire, you need your family to know how to escape and avoid a chaotic exit. An accidental home fire can catch people unawares, so without an escape plan, you’re putting everyone’s lives in jeopardy.

20 January 2015

Spring and summer in Australia bring about sweet sunshine at sandy beaches, blossoming perfumed flowers and cheerful outdoor BBQs… But unfortunately, some of the joy of these events evaporates due to the constant need for smelly anti-bug sprays and regular re-lighting of mozzie coils which blow out in the breeze. While we Aussies may be famous […]

06 January 2015

Interiors Addict Run by former journalist and magazine editor Jen Bishop, Interiors Addict is more of an interiors news site than a blog. She updates it four times a day, so if something big is happening in the world of interior design, this interior addict is likely to be one of the first to report […]