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  • Aluminium Slat Fencing, Slatted Privacy Screens and Gates

    Aluminium Slats are a popular way to screen & fence a modern home.
    Aluminium slatted fencing, gates and privacy screens from SP Screens have been created for the modern homeowner. We know the balance that must be struck between creating a home that is secure and private, without turning your property in to an ugly fortress. Our products aim to protect your home’s privacy, while ensuring its aesthetic remains intact.

    As part of our commitment to quality, we are proud to stock Xcell Aluminium Slat Screens and Gates. Built with a unique and customisable aluminium slat system, this leading range of slat screens, fencing and gates represents a giant leap forward from the more generic slotted systems currently available on the market. It’s just one of the reasons why our products have become the preferred choice for many Australian households.

    Aluminium Slats – A Flexible and Stylish Nature

    SP Screens provide the flexibility and range to get exactly what you’re after. Our aluminium slats are customisable to almost any size of fence, privacy screen or gate, and the slat spacing is alterable to your desires. Our system also neatly hides its screws behind a sleek cover plate.

    These aluminium slat screens, fencing and security gates are applicable to a huge variety of situations, to improve the view within your property, and restrict it from outside. These include:

    • Aluminium slat brick pier infills – Ideal for pier infills adding modern style and privacy.
    • Aluminium slat fencing and gates – To keep your home safe and secure.
    • Aluminium slat privacy screens for deck and/or balcony areas – So you can relax and enjoy complete privacy when you’re outside.
    • Aluminium slat utility box covers– Including pool filter boxes, bins, air conditioning units and/or gas bottles.
    • Aluminium slat screens for carports and patio enclosures – Providing extra screening and privacy.
    • Aluminium slat for window privacy screens – Giving you privacy from neighbouring houses and the sun.

    Colour Options For Aluminium Slats

    Whatever your personal style is, we can bring it to life. We powder coat our screens and gates in a wide range of finishes, with a wood effect also available.

    Designed for street appeal and built to last

    Engineered with superior strength components, all Xcell Auminium Slat Fencing, Privacy Screens and Security Gates are built to stand the test of time. When you choose our slatted fencing, not only do you get one of the toughest products around, but unrivalled peace of mind, through:

    • Rigorous testing – Thanks to the most stringent product testing.
    • Reinforced screwed fixing – Keeping your Xcell product super secure, long-lasting and withstanding of the elements.
    • Superior workmanship – Delivering high performance through quality hinges and a choice of key and locking options.
    • Our Guarantee – We’re so confident in our product; you receive an industry leading 11-year warranty.
    • Superior Quality Accessories

    We only use the highest quality hinges, latches and locks from reputable suppliers on all our privacy screens and gates. We believe a superior system like Xcell Slatted Aluminum requires superior accessories to complete the job!

    Professional Installations

    Don’t waste your weekends doing DIY. Our experienced installers will deliver a quality job that will look great without you lifting a finger!

    At SP Screens, we offer a premium product for the discerning Australian household. Our aluminum slat fencing, privacy screens and security gates are built to provide lasting style and security to your home, and they can help you to get the very most from your property. For more information or any queries, contact us today.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Aluminium Slat Products

    What Colours do SP Screens Aluminium Slat Fencing and Gates come in?
    We stock a range of colours and can always powdercoat to match your home and get the exact colour you require. We also have a wood effect western red cedar available.

    How Wide is Each Aluminium Slat?
    Each Xcell Aluminium Slat is 65mm wide and 16mm thick

    How Wide Can a Screen Span Before a Post or Midrail is Required?
    Our screens can span up to 2000mm until a midrail is required and up to 2400mm until a full post is required

    What Latch and Locks are available?
    We have a number of solid key and locking options with our premium option being latch locks with double sided keyed deadlocks of the highest quality

    Do SP Screens Supply Only for DIY?
    No sorry, our premium quality aluminium slat privacy screens and gates are professionally installed by an SP Screens qualified tradesperson. We do not supply only.

    Can I Be Assured of a Professional Tradesperson?
    Yes, SP Screens installers are the best in the business! They have the experience and know-how to ensure a quality installation

    Do SP Screens Do Brickwork?
    No sorry, you would require a qualified bricklayer to build any brick pier requires. After the brickwork is completed, the aluminium slats can be installed.

    Can I Choose The Spacing I Would Like In-Between Each Slat?
    YES, SP Screens aluminium slats use a uniquely flexible slat spacing system so you can create the look that works best for your home.

    What Size Are The Posts?
    Our privacy screen posts are 44mm and our gate posts and frames are 50mm

    What If My Fence Line Is Not Level?
    We would step your fence panels with the fall of the land, we are unable to provide racked panels.

    Where Can I build An Aluminium Slat Fence On My Property?
    Fences can be built around your block boundary and specific requirements will vary between councils. Before you begin building your fence around your property, ensure that you openly discuss property boundary lines with your neighbours. Use your plot plan to clearly identify your plot boundary and make sure that your neighbours agree with your assessment!

    Do I Have To Obtain a Building Permit?
    Some fencing installations will require you to obtain a building permit from your local council for the job. It is a good idea to call your local council or planning committee before you undertake any building project on your land to make sure you are prepared. Some councils will specify how high your fence can go and where a fence is allowed to start on your property.

    Is Aluminium A Good Fencing Product?
    Aluminium is extremely hardy and durable, and is highly resistant to corrosion and weathering and won’t warp, burn or rot. Aluminium is also termite-proof!

    How Do I Look After an Aluminium Slat Fence?
    Aluminium is an extremely low-maintenance product and doesn’t need to be painted and treated at all after installation. A simple clean with a PH neutral detergent, warm water and a cloth every six months or so will keep your powdercoat finish looking bright and beautiful for many years to come! Don’t forget to rinse your fence or screen thoroughly afterwards to remove any remaining soapy residue!

    Can Aluminium Slatted Screens Be Used For Pool Gates and Fencing?
    Yes, however it is important you check with your local council to be aware of pool safety regulations in your area.
    This government site is a helpful guide to all Pool fencing legislation and easily informs you of what your legal requirements are when building your new pool fence.

    Can SP Screens Remove and Dispose Of My old Fence Before Installing The New Fence?
    Yes, we can! We will quote you separately on the removal and disposal of your old fence and you can decide if you’d like us to do this for you as well.

    How Deep Do SP Screens Cement Fence Posts?
    We cement 0.6m when digging into soil and rock and to 0.9m when it’s a coastal area with a sandy yard. The depth required to secure your fence posts will be determined by our professional installers.

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