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  • Fire and Emergency Escape Screens

    Fire Safety is a serious issue. Each year in NSW people encounter difficulties escaping from fires within their home due to security measures and may even perish as a result of the delay.

    Fire and Rescue NSW recommend a balance between home security and home safety. They understand the importance of locking intruders out, however in case of a fire, note it is just as important not to lock you or your family in.

    Our SecureView and SaltWaterSeries Fire & Emergency Escape system allows for a quick and keyless escape from danger without compromising your everyday security.

    Fire & Emergency Escapes use an easy unlock latch to allow a quick exit. Made with super strong T316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel mesh, the innovative design has both safety and practicality in mind. SecureView and SaltWaterSeries Fire Escape systems still provide your home with full security from the outside.

    Our Range of Fire & Emergency Escapes is available in the following:

    • Top or Side Hung
    • Outward Swinging
    • Inward Swinging
    • Sliding
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