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Retractable Screen Doors and Windows Are a Popular Choice For Many Good Reasons

Some doors and windows can be hard to screen with standard flyscreens, which is why retractable fly screens are a popular choice.  Retractable screens are a real favourite among Australian homes that have Bi-fold doors, French doors, Stacker doors, Pivot doors, Awning windows and Casement windows. Our pleated and retractable flyscreens use a superior design system combined with an extra strong and durable mesh, engineered to last.

Setting the standard in retractable and pleated screens.

You can trust SP Screens when it comes to keeping flies and insects at bay.

Choose the Best Retractable Fly Screen Doors and Windows For Your Home

SP Screens offers a choice of either smooth retractable fly screens or pleated retractable flyscreens.  Our friendly sales team can help you choose the type of retractable best suited to your home.

Smooth Retractable Sliding Screen Doors and Windows

A system that allows you to roll out the screen when you need it, and roll it away when you don’t. It will gently retract into the cassette which blends seamlessly with your windows and/or door frames. Retractable fly screens are available as either a standard soft close system, or a multi-lock system.

The multi-lock soft close system enables the screen to be fixed part way along the screen opening so it can be left partially open. Perfect for when you wish to create a small opening for people and pets to go in and out.

Pleated Insect Screen For Doors and Windows

A pleated flyscreen works in the same way as a concertina: by using the folds to neatly stack the mesh back into itself. When the screen is extended, a series of tensioning cords keep the mesh in position. A standard SP pleated insect screen can span up to an impressive 9.5 metres with a double screen, and 5 metres for a single screen.

For customers that need to screen an area wider than 9.5 metres, our barrier-free pleated system with a low profile track has no limit on the width it can span.  The barrier-free pleated system can span infinitely using multiple panels (each panel up to 3 metres high & 2.67 wide).

Pleated Retractable Flyscreens Comparison Table


Pleated Retractable Screen | Standard Track

Pleated Retractable Screen | Barrier Free Track

Durashield Pleated Retractable Screen

Slide acrossPull downSlide acrossSlide across
Warranty on frame5 years5 years5 years
Warranty on mesh3 years3 years3 years
Min width300mm300mm300mm
Max width5000mm (single screen) 9500mm (double screen)3000mm89% of height per panel4000mm (single screen) & 8000mm (double screen)
Max height3000mm1500mm3000mm3000mm
Colour rangeWhite, Black, Monument, Clear Anodised. Woodgrain available in Western Red Cedar & Honey Oak. Colour matching is available.White, Black, Ivory, Clear Anodised, Grey, Silver Pearl, Brown8195. Colour matching not available.White, Black & Grey 
Colour matching is available.
Bottom Track Height25mm3.5mm14.1mm
Bottom Track Width28mm32mm40mm
Best forBudget, Style & DurabilityWide openings greater than 9.5mAreas requiring heavy duty fly scereen mesh such as garages, patios & home with pets

Smooth Retractable Flyscreens Comparison Table


Smooth Retractable Screen | Standard Track

Smooth Retractable Screen | Barrier Free Track

Simplicity Smooth Retractable Screen 

Slide acrossPull downSlide acrossSlide acrossPull down
Warranty on frame5 years5 years5 years
Warranty on mesh3 years3 years3 years
Min width300mm300mm300mm
Max width1500mm (single screen) 3000 (double screen)3000mmUp to 1900mm (single) & height less 100mm1200mm2600mm
Max height2900mm1500mm2600mm2400mm1500mm
Bottom Track Height28mm0mm35mm
Bottom Track Width25.5mm0mm26mm
Colour rangeWhite, Black, Ivory, Clear Anodised, Grey, Silver Pearl, Brown8195. Colour matching is available.White, Black, Dark Grey (similar to Ironstone). Colour matching is available.White, Black, Monument, Colour matching is available.
Best ForSmaller Window ScreensArreas requiring stability of bottom trackBudget screens that can be moved for easy screening

Retractable Screen Doors Are Affordable and Easy To Maintain

SP Retractable and Pleated Insect Screen Systems are not only affordable, but super easy to maintain as the components and mechanisms can be accessed with no difficulty at all. This ensures you can clean and service your screens, keeping them in great condition for longer.

Slide Up Or Slide Across, Our Retractable Sliding Door Screens Are Custom Made To Fit All Window and Door Sizes

To cater for the many different sizes and styles of home doors and windows, SP Retractable and Pleated Insect Screens can be fitted in a variety of different sizes to suit individual needs.

Our retractable fly screens range from extra small to extra large. Pleated screens can be fitted to slide down or slide across and can be fitted to screen wide areas.

Retractable Fly Screens Available In a Colour That’s As Individual As You Are

SP Retractable and Pleated Screens are available in a range of standard colours. If you require a custom colour to be colour matched to your existing frame, we have range of finishes available on request. Simply choose from the Dulux® or Interpon® powder coating charts.

A friendly SP Screens Sales Representative can help advise on the best colour to match your property.

Retractable Flyscreens and Insect Screens Integrate Seamlessly With Your Home.

As part of our commitment to offering the best quality fly screens on the market, we are proud to offer durable and stylish retractable and pleated insect fly screens, suitable for a huge variety of window and door arrangements.

Australian Made Retractable Fly Screens

We are pleased to share with you that our standard pleated retractable fly screens are made in Australia, and also our barrier-free smooth retractable fly screen is made in Australia.

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