Aluminium Roller Shutters and the Sounds of Silence

Australian homes, occupying this sunny and warm stretch of real estate, must battle the elements to retain an amenable climate indoors. The afternoon sun blasting through your windows can quickly overheat the air indoors, and without proper shade and ventilation, you can find that your home is not an enjoyable spot. Your sleeping patterns, and [...]

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Aluminium Slat Privacy Screen Fencing for Sydney

As Australia continues to urbanise, our largest cities are growing larger and more dense. Our properties are considerably smaller than in past years, and making full use of them, in their entirety, is the priority of many a homeowner. This includes the outdoor spaces. Among some of the most amenable weather to be found anywhere, [...]

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Retractable Fly Screens: Make the Most of your View

At SP Screens, we have placed our focus on products that combine functionality with aesthetics. We are committed to providing a screen solution for all types of door and window styles. From security doors to retractable insect screens, our screens are all beautifully engineered for strength and durability. The modern Australian homeowner with a large [...]

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Pay SP Screens a visit at the Sydney Home Show!

As summer turns to autumn, the summer-weary citizens of Sydney might be keen to break away from the heat and humidity. But there is more to look forward to as the cold arrives, and as the end of May approaches, the Sydney ICC begins to rumble. The Sydney Home Show is taking place at the [...]

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Security Screens and Fire Safety

It is a truism of home security, that the prevention of forced entry can create issues for emergency exits. Tragic experiences around the world, often featuring entertainment venues attempting to prevent illegal entrants, have illustrated the importance of viable exits, and our building codes reflect this today. At SP Screens, we know that the real [...]

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