The 8 Most Aromatic Plants You Need in Your Garden

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A really good garden is not just going to be a feast for the eyes; it will offer visitors the most incredible sensory experience for the nose as well. The added benefit of filling your garden with fragrant flowers is that you can then cut a few, bring them into the house, and freshen the [...]

How to Turn Your Old Screen Doors Into Artwork

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Have you bought a new screen door? Or, are you looking for a new screen door to replace one that is getting tired? What do you do with the old one? While the first thought would be to simply throw the old one away, you may be surprised to find that there are a number [...]

What You Need to Know about Installing Screen Doors in your Rental Home

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In addition to the benefits of keeping bugs out of the home, screen doors can add an extra layer of security to a property. By providing another lock for burglars to break through, and, depending on what screen door you choose, providing shock resistance that can help prevent the invader from smashing windows and gaining [...]

Why It’s Essential To Have Fresh Air In The Home

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Plenty of people are firm believers in airing out the home. You may see some people airing their blankets and pillows outside each day, or opening all their windows, regardless of the outside temperature. But, what are the true benefits of doing this? Is there really any point to it? Fresh air in the home [...]