13 June 2022
What to think about before measure & quote

Some of you might be thinking “What To Think About Before My Free Measure & Quote?”. So, to help maximize your time with your local Sales Consultants, we have listed some helpful things for you to think about before we come out and meet with you. Firstly, did you know that your local Sales Consultant […]

23 November 2018

Here at SP Screens, we take pride in providing products that combine a variety of functions. Our security screens and security doors are tough, well-engineered, and up to the task of stopping even determined attempts to breach them. But their value goes beyond this, to the occupants of the home, and their home life. It […]

05 July 2018

At SP Screens, we place emphasis on providing a product line that combines function with style. While your home should offer an amenable climate and a comfortable embrace, there is no reason that you should be obliged to live in the confines of a home with all of the appeal of a bomb shelter. But […]

06 June 2017
sitting room

Choosing the door into your home is a significant decision, and can have a greater aesthetic impact on the house than many people realise. It’s obviously one of the first things that people notice as they come in, and it can set the tone for the decor for the rest of your home. These characteristics […]

05 March 2017

While fiery leaves on trees are a sight to behold in autumn, fallen leaves and dead petals definitely aren’t. In autumn, it can seem that the growth in your garden is starting to slow down, however your lawn and garden are in fact busy preparing for winter. They’re storing nutrients and energy to survive the […]

25 February 2017

A really good garden is not just going to be a feast for the eyes; it will offer visitors the most incredible sensory experience for the nose as well. The added benefit of filling your garden with fragrant flowers is that you can then cut a few, bring them into the house, and freshen the […]