05 July 2018

Function meets Fashion | Plantation Shutters from SP Screens

At SP Screens, we place emphasis on providing a product line that combines function with style. While your home should offer an amenable climate and a comfortable embrace, there is no reason that you should be obliged to live in the confines of a home with all of the appeal of a bomb shelter.

But the importance of being able to draw some shelter from the Australian sun cannot be overstated. This is among the hottest and sunniest spots on earth, and a home that allows the sun to blast its way through your windows will quickly become unbearably hot. So we have decided to offer an old-world style of keeping your home shaded and cool, with plantation shutters.

A Tough Old Style
This style of shutter is not a new one. They have been found for years in hot regions of Europe, where the locals have been coping with hot and sunny weather since long before the advent of air conditioning.

Part of the reason that these shutters have managed to remain relevant for some many years is their longevity. By contrast, cloth curtains or venetian blinds will quickly fade, attract dust or stains, or otherwise begin to appear shabby. But the solid blades on plantation shutters are far more hard-wearing – they don’t warp or fade in sunlight or humidity, even over long time frames.

Clean with ease
Unlike the close-packed blades on venetian blinds, plantation shutters feature a considerably wider spacing – and therefore are far easier to reach with a duster or a wet cloth. With a bit of reach, you can quickly and easily keep these blinds looking brand-new.

Save some dough
More than anything, a quality set of blinds allows you to retain the ideal temperature indoors, without overtaxing your air conditioner or your heater. At SP Screens, we reckon you can find a better use for your hard-earned cash than a power bill, especially at a time when energy costs are at their current level.

A set of plantation shutters can improve the state of your home, inside and out, for years to come. For more information on this exciting product, and to book your no-obligation measuring, contact us today.

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