05 August 2020

How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Prices Will Vary Between Retailers (Sometimes a lot)

SP Screens consultants are often asked “how much do plantation shutters cost”?  With so many plantation shutter retailers in Australia, it can be hard to compare and decide on the plantation shutter best for you.  Not only do the materials (Timber or PVC) differ between each brand but the price can vary a few hundred dollars for each shutter.  It is worth getting a least three quotes from different plantation shutter retailers.  It pays to do your research and get quotes on the different brands of shutters available so you can see what is on offer.

How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost? White Plantation Shutters

Custom made products are not easy to put a price tag on as there are so many variables. Generally speaking, the average cost of plantation shutters are around $600 per square metre for PVC plantation shutters and around $700 per square metre for timber plantation shutters.  This means the average cost of a standard window size 1500 wide x 1000 high would be approximately $900 for a PVC plantation shutter and approximately $1050 for a timber plantation shutter.

Variables That Add to the Cost of Plantation Shutters

Some variables to consider that may increase the price of your Plantation Shutters:

  • You require a custom colour (allow from $500 extra)
  • You’re after a custom shaped plantation shutter (allow from $200 per m2 extra)
  • It’s for a bay window or corner window (allow from $40 per m2 extra)
  • If you require single, double or triple sliding plantation shutter doors then allow between $220-$320 extra per linear metre for the floor track

Take Advantage of Free Consultations with Measure and Quote

Most Plantation shutter retailers offer in-home consultations to measure up and provide a free quotation. It is highly recommended to accept this service as it’s the only way to get an exact quotation. Every window & door frame is a slightly different shape and size and most window & door frames are not completely square, which is why pricing will vary. A good sales consultant will be able to tell you the benefits of their plantation shutter system so you will be able to compare to other companies offerings.  A Plantation Shutter only looks as good as its installation so make sure your installer is an experienced professional. 

Why Do Timber Plantation Shutters Cost More Than PVC Shutters?

Timber plantation shutters are usually about $100 per m2 more expensive than PVC plantation shutters.  This is generally the case as timber is a more expensive material than PVC. It is very difficult to tell the difference between a painted timber and PVC plantation shutter as they both receive so many coats of paint to get that smooth finish.

Get a Quote From SP Screens Today!

SP Screens local Sales Consultants and Installers have many years of experience in Plantation Shutters. Our team is happy to recommend the best plantation shutters to suit your requirements, home style and budget.  You can book your free in-home consultation directly from our home page and choose a date and time convenient to you. Alternatively you can call SP Screens on 1300 939 700 and our friendly customer service team will help.  You can check out SP Screens payment methods here including interest free payment plans.


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