Pay SP Screens a visit at the Sydney Home Show!

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As summer turns to autumn, the summer-weary citizens of Sydney might be keen to break away from the heat and humidity. But there is more to look forward to as the cold arrives, and as the end of May approaches, the Sydney ICC begins to rumble. The Sydney Home Show is taking place at the [...]

Window Security Screens and Fall Protection

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Protecting your family goes beyond ensuring their safety from elements outside the house. Particularly with small children and the elderly, they can require some protection from themselves. Falls, slips, and tumbles are common, and while they aren’t all serious, introduce height to the fall, and injuries are often the result. New Strata Legislation For this [...]

Steel Security Doors and Screens for Sydney | The Aesthetic

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Preventing break-ins and theft has long been an industry in and of itself. But it conjures up images of ugly bars on windows or chain-link fences; not the go-to image for an attractive home in an even more attractive city. Luckily, the times have changed. Steel security doors in Sydney have managed to evolve past [...]

Only the Finest – Security Screens and Doors

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Security screens and doors from SP Screens are among the finest on the market today. Our lineup provides options across a wide range of preferences, from those providing a deterrent, to top of the line, battery-resistant models. This broad product range offers our clients the chance to find their precise fit, but the motive doesn’t [...]

Top 15 Home Security Apps for iOS and Android

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Your mobile phone can make home security easier than ever. Through it, you’ve got access to a wealth of security applications, and being able to control each and every one of these through your phone is incredibly convenient. But with so many different apps available, just what should you be looking for? Not all security [...]

8 Ways To Keep Your Backyard Secure And Pets Safe

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Have you got a pet that keeps escaping out of your yard? Or, perhaps you have a new puppy on the way and you want to ensure they stay safe, whether you’re home or not? Maybe you just want to increase the security of your backyard, to ensure you don’t have any unwanted guests? There [...]

First Time Out Of Home? How To Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

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When you first move out of home, it can be both exciting and daunting. There are many things to consider when either renting or buying your own place, whether you live on your own, with a partner or housemates. One aspect of such a move which can sometimes be forgotten is home security. However, there are some [...]