23 June 2022
How To Register My Security Screen Warranty

How To Register My Security Screen Warranty To make sure you understand the care and maintenance guidelines, and covered for warranty claims on your security mesh down the track, our supplier needs you to register your warranty. We have provided quick and easy, step by step instructions on “How to register your security screen Warranty” […]

15 June 2022

It doesn’t happen often, but if it does, you might want to know how to put your sliding security screen door back on it’s tracks! We have demonstrated in a video below and have also outlined in a step by step guide. Step By Step Instructions Firstly, the only tool you will need is a […]

31 March 2021

A security door is only as good as its installation. A high quality security door meeting all Australian security standards would be severely compromised by a poor installation. This is why it is important to ensure that you engage a reputable Security Door installer that has the required state licence for security door installations. SP […]

01 November 2020

The Christmas Holidays can be a busy time, and not only for families looking to get together and enjoy themselves. Emboldened by the prevalence of empty houses and traveling families, thieves ratchet up their activity in the Christmas season, and robberies are more commonly noted by police than the yearly average.  We discuss some simple […]

07 April 2020

At SP Screens, we’re passionate about making people feel safe, secure and comfortable in their own home. To help you navigate your apartment’s security, we’ve put together a guide on how best to secure your apartment doors and windows with security screens. Which apartments are most at risk of break ins? Units on the first […]

04 February 2020

Statistically, two-thirds of break-ins occur through doors and windows left open and during daylight hours when occupants are likely to be out of the house. Most burglars are opportunistic, so if they see an open door or window, they will target the home. Burglars also keep an eye out for visible valuables, clues that occupants […]