Tips For Saving Energy & Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter!

03 August 2020

Winter is upon us, and usually, this means an increased power bill for your home. The costs of heating the home to stave off the cold are responsible for energy bill shock for a lot of people, and indeed, there are many that simply can’t afford that kind of increase in expense and will look […]

23 November 2018

Here at SP Screens, we take pride in providing products that combine a variety of functions. Our security screens and security doors are tough, well-engineered, and up to the task of stopping even determined attempts to breach them. But their value goes beyond this, to the occupants of the home, and their home life. It […]

23 November 2018

While it has been less-than-noticeable across some areas of New South Wales, we are, at long last, seeing signs that summer is about to make its presence felt. As the days have lengthened, we may have begun to get more and more use out of our outdoor alfresco areas, with the prospect of a long […]

05 July 2018

Australian homes, occupying this sunny and warm stretch of real estate, must battle the elements to retain an amenable climate indoors. The afternoon sun blasting through your windows can quickly overheat the air indoors, and without proper shade and ventilation, you can find that your home is not an enjoyable spot. Your sleeping patterns, and […]

23 January 2017

Screen Door in Baby’s Room Are you nursing a newborn or have a younger child in the family? We always want to protect our children, especially within the home. You may not have considered it, but a screen door for the inside of your home leading into your child’s room may be one way you […]