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Retractable Fly Screens: Make the Most of your View

At SP Screens, we have placed our focus on products that combine functionality with aesthetics. We are committed to providing a screen solution for all types of door and window styles. From security doors to retractable insect screens, our screens are all beautifully engineered for strength and durability. The modern Australian homeowner with a large door opening to their outdoor area wants to make the most of natural light and airflow. Our retractable fly screens are the perfect solution for keeping out the bugs while enjoying airflow.

There is no doubt about it – Australia is a buggy spot. From sand flies on the coastal beaches, to mosquitos near the estuaries, to the flies in the bush, they are an unavoidable element of living in our beautiful country. But that doesn’t mean that we enjoy sharing our living space with them, and the vast majority of homes are decorated by either fly or security screens to keep them out. Although security doors have the added advantage of being able to keep out intruders as well as the bugs, retractable insect screen are often seen as a more unobtrusive solution for large bi-fold door openings.

The issue with typical fly screens or security screens is their affixed nature. When the seasons change, the colder temperatures drive away the majority of the insects, and besides, our windows are likely to be closed to preserve the heat. During these times, we likely won’t want to regard our view through a screen.

Even when the weather is more amenable, we don’t necessarily need these screens to be in place throughout the course of the day. Mosquitos, in particular, are typically most active in the morning and evening, offering us the entirety of the day to enjoy the view to the fullest. At these times, a retractable fly screen becomes highly preferred.

Retractable fly screens are convenient and easy to slide away into a cassette that blends in to match your door frame. The screen is effortlessly stored away where it won’t filter your view. Your screens will stay cleaner, requiring less maintenance, and don’t require you to find storage space for it each time you pack it away for the winter.

SP Screens’ talented group of installation experts can make your retractable fly screen fit to almost any window or door style you can find for us, and we love a challenge. Pay us a visit, or give us a call, and arrange your obligation-free consultation. A retractable fly screen can change the way you view the world.