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Aluminium Fencing and the Modern Look

New trends in residential neighbourhoods typically take a long time to gain a foothold. There is a lot of nostalgia involved in maintaining a home, and many a wistful eye has looked to the past for style guides. Hence, the prevalent white picket fences, with their swinging gates, are found all across this country and more recently the modern practical aluminium slat fencing.

Aluminium Slat Gate Woodland GreyBut modern trends will eventually win some people over, and fencing is no different from any other property trend: the tried-and-tested methods aren’t always the most efficient, or the most desirable. This notion encouraged us at SP Screens to offer our slatted aluminium fencing to homes around the country, and the idea continues to grow.

One of the reasons for this growth is aluminium’s maintenance-free nature. When set in concrete piers, there is no need to paint or alter the slats. They are resistant to rot and tough as nails, a trait that wooden fences cannot lay claim to. This means they are particularly well-suited to damp or coastal environments.

As an added bonus, their look brings something modern and minimalist to a property. The practical collides with the aesthetic, and there is a certain elegance to be able to bring the two worlds in to harmony. We can ditch the hours spent maintaining a fence, as surely, we can think of a better use of the time.

Their adaptive nature is another benefit. Depending on your preference, you can construct either a view-proof barrier or something that admits the odd peak, as the variable slat distancing offers your gap of choice when installing the fence.

Aluminium slat fencing can alter the look and feel of your property, while lasting far longer than traditional wood fences. They can add a whole new element to your property. Check them out today.