23 June 2022
How To Register My Security Screen Warranty

How To Register My Security Screen Warranty To make sure you understand the care and maintenance guidelines, and covered for warranty claims on your security mesh down the track, our supplier needs you to register your warranty. We have provided quick and easy, step by step instructions on “How to register your security screen Warranty” […]

15 June 2022
Security Screen Doors And Windows

It doesn’t happen often, but if it does, you might want to know how to put your sliding security screen door back on it’s tracks! We have demonstrated in a video below and have also outlined in a step by step guide. Step By Step Instructions Firstly, the only tool you will need is a […]

13 June 2022
What to think about before measure & quote

Some of you might be thinking “What To Think About Before My Free Measure & Quote?”. So, to help maximize your time with your local Sales Consultants, we have listed some helpful things for you to think about before we come out and meet with you. Firstly, did you know that your local Sales Consultant […]

10 June 2022
SP Screens Quality Control Check

  First of all, it’s great to hear you’re thinking about proceeding with your custom made screens quote with us. The question of “How to proceed with my quote?” is one we love to hear! In this blog post, I am going to walk you through the process and the different ways you can do […]

01 December 2021
Fall Safe Screens

In 2011, alarming statistics found that one child fell from a window each week in Australia. According to the ‘Kids Don’t Fly’ working committee report, these falls were often in their own home. In some cases these window falls resulted in serious injury or death. This prompted the ‘Kids Don’t Fly’ campaign in an effort […]

08 October 2021
Push the plug

There are a few simple and effective ways to remove a key stuck in a lock. It’s really important to stay calm. Getting flustered and moving the key vigorously increases your risk of snapping the key and it’s very unlikely to help get the key out of the lock. So keep calm, try these tips […]