15 September 2022

What franchise training is provided?

Franchise Training Provided

What franchise training is provided?

The SP Screens franchise training is a mix of “on the job” training with an experienced installer and process training with our CEO, Sarah Lamb.

A minimum of 4 x weeks of training is required. Please note this is at your cost and can be done in Sydney or the Gold Coast.

Franchise Quoting & Sales Training

Quoting is something you can certainly learn to do. Meanwhile sales (i.e. asking for the business) is something you need to have some type of knack for. Such as caring about the customers time, being personable, friendly and helpful.

Quote Training Provided

  • Learning the products
  • Understanding the costs
  • Writing quotes

Sales Training Provided

  • Qualifying customers needs
  • Being the expert
  • Providing solutions to their needs
  • Setting expectations
  • Quoting on the day at the first sales visit
  • Asking for the business
  • Following up is CRITICAL to your success!

Franchise Check Measure Training

If you don’t already own a tape measure or laser measure, maybe re think if this franchise opportunity is for you.

This can be where you either make some really good money or lose some. Don’t get me wrong, as we provide training for this. But to be successful you need to be handy on the tools. You need to be able to measure accurately, read a tape measure and problem solve. Your “on the job” check measure training will consist the teaching of:

  • Different revels for difference screens
  • Deductions needed for custom made screens
  • Build outs if required
  • Best products for the area
  • Custom made ordering with supplier

Franchise Installation Training

If you have followed the method of “measure twice and cut once” you’ll be ahead of the game. With installing, you really want the check measure done correctly, so you only go back once to complete the installation.

During your installation training, you will cover off:

  • What tools and consumables you need
  • How to load your ute with the screens
  • What things to take on site initially so you don’t have to go back and fourth to your ute
  • Preparing your work area to ensure customers property doesn’t get damaged in any way
  • Installing the various products
  • Adapt and overcome any obstacles
  • Clean up after yourself

Franchise Process Training

We have “20 Steps to Success”. If you are able to learn and follow ALL  20 steps, you will be setting your business up for success. Skipping any of these steps will set you up for failure.

Customer service will hold your hand through the learning process.


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