05 September 2017

Only the Finest – Security Screens and Doors

Security screens and doors from SP Screens are among the finest on the market today. Our lineup provides options across a wide range of preferences, from those providing a deterrent, to top of the line, battery-resistant models. This broad product range offers our clients the chance to find their precise fit, but the motive doesn’t change.

It has been shown that a large percentage of home invasions are driven purely opportunistic criminals. If they see an open window, they are tempted to try it out. This has been fingered as a big reason behind the difficulty of prosecuting, or patterning, such behaviour – customarily, these people are not career criminals.

But deterrents, in the form of a restriction to access, are very often all that you would need to stop such behaviour. If you provide one roadblock, the would-be criminal won’t return. The issue has been resolved.

And that is the real return on investment that you find from security screens and doors: they offer that rare ability to breathe easy, safe in the knowledge that when you leave your home in Drummoyne, Newtown, Bondi or Coogee, you have no reason to worry about easy points of access. A one-hour trip to the shops won’t necessitate shutting down your home like Fort Knox.

The convenience, and the mental comfort, is one of the biggest reasons that security screens and doors have taken off in popularity in Sydney. They can provide you with one less aspect of your urban life that you must ponder over. You can remain focused on the bigger picture, on your family, on your work. Given the pace of today, this is perhaps their biggest value.

SP Screens can provide security screens and doors that deter unwanted entrants, and which can ease your mind throughout your day. For more information, contact us today.

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