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Steel Security Doors and Screens for Sydney | The Aesthetic

Preventing break-ins and theft has long been an industry in and of itself. But it conjures up images of ugly bars on windows or chain-link fences; not the go-to image for an attractive home in an even more attractive city. Luckily, the times have changed.

Steel security doors in Sydney have managed to evolve past the point that homeowners are horrified by them. Advancements have offered us far better materials to work with: what was once only the territory of brutal, thick bars and toughened frames can now be accomplished with far more delicacy and style.

At SP Screens, we specialise in creating a sense of security for your home, in a manner that won’t make you think of a bank vault when viewing it. Our variety of steel security doors offer Sydney homes a unique method of security: one that is unforgiving to would-be forced entry, while stylish and suitable to the décor of your home.

Our Federation and Colonial style security doors have not taken any steps back from their function as a barrier to entry. But they operate as a fashionable elements, blending in to the frame as though they have always been there. Best of all, among our various designs and style options, we at SP Screens can paint your steel security doors almost any colour that you wish, in the manner that will best suit your Sydney home. They can be retrofitted to please even the most discerning eye, all while providing security and peace of mind to both the home and the homeowners.

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