How to Prepare Your Home for Bushfire Season

28 October 2020

As bushfire season approaches, preparations are made across Australia to protect homes and families, following the tips and guidelines put out by fire departments. There has also been an increased focus on bushfire safety during the building and renovating process. There are numerous measures you can take to help bushfire proof home once you’ve determined […]

27 April 2018

It is a truism of home security, that the prevention of forced entry can create issues for emergency exits. Tragic experiences around the world, often featuring entertainment venues attempting to prevent illegal entrants, have illustrated the importance of viable exits, fire safety screens, and our building codes reflect this today. At SP Screens, we know […]

27 April 2018

The heat and the dryness of the Australian summer make much of our country a tinderbox, and highly prone to bush fires. They occur annually, across all states in the commonwealth, and are a force to be reckoned with. Every year, many homes and businesses fall victim to these fast-moving flames.  Bushfire window and door […]

20 December 2016

One of the greatest dangers at home remains the risk of a fire breaking out. Between flammable liquids, electrical power outlets, cookers (and the kitchen in general), as well as the number of wires that the typical home now has, there’s a nearly unlimited number of potential sources of catastrophic fires. This is why fire […]

02 February 2015

Your home absolutely must have a fire escape plan. Should the house catch fire, you need your family to know how to escape and avoid a chaotic exit. An accidental home fire can catch people unawares, so without an escape plan, you’re putting everyone’s lives in jeopardy.