27 April 2018

Security Screens and Fire Safety

It is a truism of home security, that the prevention of forced entry can create issues for emergency exits. Tragic experiences around the world, often featuring entertainment venues attempting to prevent illegal entrants, have illustrated the importance of viable exits, fire safety screens, and our building codes reflect this today.

Fire Safety ScreenAt SP Screens, we know that the real value of home security measures is its ability to ease our mind of worry. But by introducing fear of being trapped in one’s home during a fire, there is potential to add another worry. Luckily, SP Screens have you covered, with our emergency fire escape screens.

Emergency Escapes

Commandex security screens provided by SP Screens are fitted with an emergency release mechanism on the inside of the frame, allowing the fire escape screen to be easily swung open on a side hinge. In an emergency, such as a house fire, this clip allows for quick escape. However, it is inaccessible from the outside, ensuring the security of the window and the home. Ask your installer to point it out, and ensure that all members of the home are aware of it.


While these releases are there waiting for you, upstairs exits are nevertheless dangerous. Every home must have its own fire plan: preparation, for every member of the household, is absolutely vital, to ensure for quick and efficient evacuation should the house catch fire. Have an escape route from each room, and stay low, out of the path of smoke. Window escapes are risky, for a number of reasons, so they should be considered to be a last resort.

But if called upon, SP Screens and Commandex have your emergency exit sorted. Contact us for more information on our fire and emergency escape screens, and find out more about your home security apparatus.

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