4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Safe over Christmas

01 November 2020

The Christmas Holidays can be a busy time, and not only for families looking to get together and enjoy themselves. Emboldened by the prevalence of empty houses and traveling families, thieves ratchet up their activity in the Christmas season, and robberies are more commonly noted by police than the yearly average.  We discuss some simple […]

07 April 2020

At SP Screens, we’re passionate about making people feel safe, secure and comfortable in their own home. To help you navigate your apartment’s security, we’ve put together a guide on how best to secure your apartment doors and windows with security screens. Which apartments are most at risk of break ins? Units on the first […]

04 February 2020

Statistically, two-thirds of break-ins occur through doors and windows left open and during daylight hours when occupants are likely to be out of the house. Most burglars are opportunistic, so if they see an open door or window, they will target the home. Burglars also keep an eye out for visible valuables, clues that occupants […]

10 December 2019

Unfortunately, most working parents in Australia do not get as much annual leave as our kids get school holidays.  Keeping kids safe and busy during school holidays while you are at work is often a great scheduling feat. Teenagers Wanting To Be Left Home Alone As your children become teenagers, they may ask to stay […]

13 June 2018

The stately city of Newcastle has long been a powerhouse for New South Wales. Home to one of the world’s largest coal ports, it has been transhipping this black gold to the world for over a century, and growing all the while. But a recent decline in coal prices has meant the city has begun […]

27 April 2018

It is a truism of home security, that the prevention of forced entry can create issues for emergency exits. Tragic experiences around the world, often featuring entertainment venues attempting to prevent illegal entrants, have illustrated the importance of viable exits, fire safety screens, and our building codes reflect this today. At SP Screens, we know […]