Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home While You’re at Work During School Holidays

  • Posted by: Peta Mayne

Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home While You’re at Work During School Holidays

Unfortunately, most working parents in Australia do not get as much annual leave as our kids get school holidays.  Keeping kids safe and busy during school holidays while you are at work is often a great scheduling feat.

Keeping Kids Safe While Home Alone

Teenagers Wanting To Be Left Home Alone

As your children become teenagers, they may ask to stay at home alone during the school holidays instead of sent off to holiday care.  This is a normal part of growing up and you are the best judge on whether it is safe to leave your child at home alone.  If you believe that your child is responsible and understands the rules of being left home alone, then you may think it is safe to leave them at home unsupervised while you are at work.

What to do if Someone Comes to the House

A concern many parents and children have about being left alone at home is what to do if someone comes to the house.  Having a Security Screen installed on your front door is a great way to alleviate this concern.  A security screen door allows children to open up the front door and safely see who is there while being protected by the security screen door.  Then the child is able to allow access to visitors that are known to them.  We like to call this “Vet them, before you let them in”.

Having security screens installed on your windows and doors means that your children can safely open up those doors and windows while they are home alone and know that they are protected by the security screen from anyone trying to gain entry into the home.

Get a Quote From SP Screens For a New Security Screen Door

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