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Quality custom made plantation shutters in three easy steps…

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SP Screens custom made plantation shutters are constructed from the highest quality materials and are available in a wide range of colours and timber stains.

Poly or Timber? …the choice is yours.

Choose from Poly or Basswood plantation shutters in a range of styles such as Bi-fold, Sliding, Fixed or Hinged Doors. The elliptical blades can be operated with ease by hand and adjusted for optimal privacy and energy efficiency. Save on heating and cooling costs with our quality custom made plantation shutters.

Choose from Poly Shutters or Plantation Timber Shutters

  • Poly Plantation Shutters

    Our poly shutters are made from PVC with an aluminum insert in each blade, stile, and top and bottom rail for added strength and durability, and also reduces bowing.

    • Water resistant and ideal for all wet areas
    • Low thermal conductivity – allowing excellent insulation properties.
    • Termite and rot resistant
    • 15 year warranty *
  • Basswood Plantation Shutters

    Basswood has a fine texture, giving basswood plantation shutters a smooth finish and a great choice for staining with a consistent grain.

    • Light weight
    • Low thermal conductivity – allowing excellent insulation properties.
    • 3 year warranty *

Wide Range of Timber Stains and Colours

Our Basswood shutters are available in a large range of standard colours and stains. Alternatively, these shutters can be customised to match the paint sample you provide.

The colours below are a guide only. They are NOT a true reflection of the actual plantation shutter colours. It is recommended you have one of our friendly Sales Consultants visit you with actual sample colours.

  • Poly (PVC) shutter colour range

    Bright White, Pure White, Snow White, Swan
    • Bright White
    • Pure White
    • Snow White 30
    • Swan

    Our poly paint finishes are guaranteed for 3 years*

    Low VOC water based paint.
    Gives you an enviromentally friendly and long lasting finish.

  • Timber shutter painted colours

    Pure White, Love Note, Antique White, China White, Super White
    • Pure White
    • Love Note
    • Antique White
    • China White
    • Super White

    Our timber paint finishes are guaranteed for 3 years*

    Our Plantation Shutters painting process uses multiple sequence hand sanding with fine sandpaper on the material and coated with high-quality paint or stain and lacquer to help produce characteristics of hardness, strength, UV-resistance, water resistance and colour retention.

  • Timber shutter stain colours

    Black Satin, Walnut, Golden Oak, Cordovan, Natural
    • Black Satin
    • Walnut
    • Golden Oak
    • Cordovan
    • Natural

    Our stain finishes are guaranteed for 3 years*

    Our shutters are hand stained then clear lacquered. Where a Plantation Shutter is stained the grain and any knot in the timber will be visible. This is considered a feature of the product.

Choose your design

  • Blade (Louvre) Size

    63mm, 89mm, 114mm
  • Opening Options

    Fixed, Hinged, Sliding and Bi-fold, and special shapes are available.
  • Midrail Height

    Panels greater than 1800mm in height will require a midrail. It is common that any midrail is aligned to any transom or some other structure to minimise the visual impact.

  • Tilt Option

    Hidden tilt rod, Centre tilt rod and Offset tilt rod options available for both PVC and Timber shutters as standard.

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