15 June 2022

It doesn’t happen often, but if it does, you might want to know how to put your sliding security screen door back on it’s tracks! We have demonstrated in a video below and have also outlined in a step by step guide. Step By Step Instructions Firstly, the only tool you will need is a […]

11 February 2021

Cleaning and maintaining your retractable fly screens is important to keep them moving along their tracks smoothly and in good working condition. The Fly screen mesh in retractable fly screens will trap airborne contaminants such as dust & salt as air flows through the screen.  Regular cleaning of your retractable flyscreens will remove these airborne […]

04 June 2020

It is important to clean and maintain your screen doors and windows to keep them in good working condition. Screen door mesh acts as a giant air filter & as air flows freely through the screen, it traps airborne contaminants onto the screen.  Dirt & in particular salt will crystalise on the screen & immediately […]

14 May 2020

All components that contain stainless steel such as door handles, catches, door closers, and especially your door the locks will need regular maintenance to keep them in good working order.  Dust, salt and other airborne particles can enter the keyhole from outside and get into the locking system, which may cause issues with your lock […]

05 August 2019

When corrosion or oxidation appears on window security screens, it can compromise both the integrity and look of the screen. To prevent galvanic corrosion, it is important to understand how it occurs and how, with proper care and maintenance, it can be avoided. Corrosion and Metals The atmosphere here at sea level is surprisingly tough […]

19 December 2017

Sliding security screen doors offer your home a wealth of advantages. They are easily opened from the inside, but strongly securable from outside. They fill your home with natural light and cooling breezes. But they can require some maintenance from time to time. When a sliding security screen is unlocked and receives an impact, it […]