01 November 2020

4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Safe over Christmas 2020

christmas safetyThe Christmas Holidays can be a busy time, and not only for families looking to get together and enjoy themselves. Emboldened by the prevalence of empty houses and traveling families, thieves ratchet up their activity in the Christmas season, and robberies are more commonly noted by police than the yearly average.  We discuss some simple ways to keep your home safe over the Christmas break.

At SP Screens, we provide security screens and doors that can help you to ward off the threat of a break-in. But there are some basic tenets of home safety that can improve your chances of ensuring that your home does not become a target this holiday season.

Motion Lights and Trimming

Most members of a community will be suspicious of someone loitering around, so most thieves will look for a home that provides a bit of cover while they make their way in. This can come in the way of dark corners of the yard, hedges, trees, or bushes. Keep these trimmed neatly, and install a motion-activated light, to cast some doubt in the minds of potential thieves. Bonus points if you replace your hedges with thorny bushes.

Outdoor Cameras

Motion-activated cameras can be a good investment. These can help you to identify potential loiterers to the police. They also serve as a good deterrent.

Look Lively

Leaving town for a while? Ask one of your neighbours to collect your mail, or better yet, use a mail redirection service from your local Aus Post location. Take a cab to the airport if you are flying out, and leave the car at home in the driveway. Finally, put a timer on some of the lights indoors.

Don’t Advertise

Headed off for a week? Don’t make an enormous fuss about it. Remember, you are looking to cast doubt in the mind of potential thieves that you may well be home, so don’t tell everyone you meet about your intentions. Additionally, ensure that anything worth stealing is out of sight, behind closed curtains, or in the locked garage.

At SP Screens, we provide security doors and security screens that can help you to feel more secure in your home, without sacrificing views, aesthetics, or airflow. We can help you keep your home safe over Christmas.  Contact us today for a free quote.keep home safe at christmas

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