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Introducing Xcell Privacy Screens & Gates

Xcell Privacy Screens and Gates installed by SP Screens provide instant kerb appeal for the modern Australian front and backyard.

Xcell Privacy Screens and Gates can be used in a variety of ways to hide and screen those eyesores in your yard such as bins, pool filters and gas bottles etc. Our sleek aluminium slat system can also be installed as a screen, fence or gate in your yard to provide privacy for your home by screening your family from the street or the neighbours.

SP Screens are the experts in installing all things screens!  Our professional installations offer a compelling alternative to wasting your weekends on DIY projects.  Forget visiting the hardware store for flimsy, ill-fitting, inferior aluminium slatted screens that take days to install.  Our professional team can help you choose the Xcell screen or gate that’s perfect for your home and ensure a solid, beautiful result without you lifting a finger.

With Xcell you have the flexibility to choose almost any colour and size of privacy screen or gate at whatever slat spacing you choose.  The sleek design of Xcell screens cleverly hides all ugly screws from sight.

 Xcell can be used to provide privacy and security for a range of scenarios around the home:

  • Brick pier infills – Ideal for pier infills adding modern style and privacy.
  • Fencing and gates – To keep your home and/or pool area safe and secure.
  • Deck and/or balcony areas – So you can relax and enjoy complete privacy when you’re outside.
  • Utility covers– Including pool filter boxes, bins, air conditioning units and/or gas bottles.
  • Screening in carports and patio enclosures – Providing extra screening and privacy.
  • Window screens – Giving you privacy from neighbouring houses and the sun outside

Xcell is designed for impact and built to last:

  • Engineered and constructed to stand the test of time.
  • Reinforced screwed fixing – Keeping your Xcell product super secure, long-lasting and withstanding of the elements.
  • Superior workmanship – Delivering high performance through quality hinges and a choice of key and locking options.
  • Our Guarantee – We’re so confident in our product; you receive an industry leading 11-year warranty.
  • Superior Quality Accessories
  • We only use the highest quality hinges, latches and locks from reputable suppliers on all our privacy screens and gates. We believe a superior system like Xcell requires superior accessories to complete the job!