20 March 2018

Protecting the Elderly | Security Doors and Window Security Screens

Your parents, and their home, likely provide no shortage of nostalgia for you. Even if it’s not the home you grew up in, it is likely filled with memorabilia and memories, and of course, the most direct link to your past, in the form of your mother and father.

Taking care of your parents as they age is often the task of the adult children, and keeping an eye on their home is a key element of this care. The elderly can sometimes be viewed as a soft target by would-be thieves, who are less likely to fear any potential pushback should they decide to break in. As despicable as this attitude is, it is commonplace in the underworld.

Luckily, the likelihood of a break-in can be lowered with some key steps, things that can be done both by yourself and your parents, to ensure their safety. Deterrence is the name of the game, and you can quickly make your parent’s home less of a target.

Security Lights and Cameras

Motion-activated lights and cameras can make a huge difference to the appeal of a home. The inability to hide in the darkness, and the potential to be identified via a closed-circuit camera, well positioned and pointing at the entranceway, will stop many a would-be thief from attempting a forced entry.

Window Security Screens

The ability to enjoy the breeze and the outdoors is something that any senior is going to prefer. And no one enjoys looking through bars or diamond grilles to enjoy their view. A window security screen provides security and safety, without interrupting the view.

As well, these screens don’t just prevent people from forcibly entering – they can help to prevent people from forcibly exiting. Flyscreens should be replaced with security screens that are strong enough to prevent a person falling through the window should they accidently stumble, trip, or fall close to an open window. In particular, windows situated more than two metres above the ground can be dangerous, for young and old alike.

Security Doors

Security DoorsUnfortunately, a number of robberies have occurred when someone simply opens the door to a knocker. It is perhaps a mark of the friendliness of yesteryear, that many of our parents will be only too happy to invite inside someone who knocks. A security door provides additional protection, allowing someone to safely converse and ‘size up’ a visitor, without offering them ingress. All the while, the door is allowing for a fresh breeze and sunlight, while denying both insects, debris, and potentially unwanted visitors.

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