27 February 2018

Window Security Screens and Fall Protection

Protecting your family goes beyond ensuring their safety from elements outside the house. Particularly with small children and the elderly, they can require some protection from themselves. Falls, slips, and tumbles are common, and while they aren’t all serious, introduce height to the fall, and injuries are often the result.  Window Security Screens offer that protection.

Kid Safe ScreensNew Strata Legislation

For this reason, the state of New South Wales has seen fit to introduce strata regulations, coming in to effect on March 13th of this year. These requirements are meant to ensure safety on behalf of any tenants using windows which open downwards, and are situated more than 1.7 metres above the floor, opening outside to a level more than 2 metres above ground.

It specifies that no opening, from the bottom, can be wider than 12.5 cm. While it may seem like a small adjustment, this gap is then too small to admit a person, large or small.

However, this requirement is negated by virtue of a proper safety device. A grill, if the gaps between the bars are less than 12.5cm, does the job. A fly screen, given its lack of strength, does not. However, a window security screen, with its reinforced meshing and anchored security points, does.

Screen Benefits

Security screens for windows from SP Screens are capable of not only preventing forced entry, they are strong enough to stop a falling person. Properly installed and bolted to the frame, these screens act as a safety measure not only against outsiders – but for the residents of the home, as well.

And, in contrast to the suggested window locks, our security screens will not prevent the window from opening all the way – a real help on those hotter days when any airflow is a gift.

For more information on how SP Screens can ensure the safety of your home with our window security screens, contact us today.

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