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Diamond Grille

Diamond Grilles

  • The ideal entry point for reliable home security. Diamond Grille’s strength comes from its distinctive diamond mesh pattern. Made from 7mm aluminium, the grille is pressed into an aluminium frame and then finished with a flywire insert.

  • Keeps more than just bugs out

    For added strength, the grille is riveted at regular spacing around the entire frame. The end result is a safety door that not only keeps bugs out, but deters unwanted intruders too.

  • Economical and reliable at the same time

    The increasing popularity of Diamond Grille safety screens is largely due to their cost effectiveness. Considering its impressive performance, it’s a great value option that has been proven to be an excellent home security solution when fitted with a triple lock.

  • Available in many colours, shapes and sizes

    Our Diamond Grille Safety Screens come in a variety of mesh finishes and full colour range to match your décor. They also come in a wide range of applications to perfectly suit your requirements, including:

    • Single-hinged doors
    • Double-hinged doors
    • Single sliding doors
    • Double sliding doors
    • Multi-stacking sliding doors
    • Fixed window grilles
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