Window Grilles

Window grilles are among the most recognisable home security apparatus to be found in our urban areas. However, as basic and reliable as they are, they nevertheless do very little for the décor of the home, encouraging a brash and fortress-like façade.

Luckily, window grilles are not the only product on the market to protect your home from would-be invaders. Space-age materials, along with new methods of installing them, have meant you can now retain the aesthetic of your home, while nevertheless discouraging any forced entry from the outside. And at SP Screens, we have a variety of great options to choose from.

Diamond Grilles

Diamond Grille safety screens from SP Screens are among our most cost-effective entry barriers. With a unique diamond-shape styling, these screens are effective as both fly screens, and as barriers to entry. Made with tough 7mm aluminium, they are suitable for a large range of doors, sliding doors, and windows.

Xceed Perforated Aluminium Security Screens

Our mid-range security screen solution is among our most popular. These screens feature tough, corrosion-resistant 6mm aluminium screening, resistant for most kinds of attempted forced entry. They are also available in a huge range of colours and finishes, so they won’t stand out or look out of place.

SecureView Eclipx Security Screens

Our most advanced security screen, SecureView Eclipx make use of space-age technology, creating a hardened, tough, and corrosion-resistant barrier – which nevertheless won’t restrict your view or the flow of air in to your home. Drawing materials and methods from the aerospace industry, these screens can keep your home safe from nearly any unwanted visitor.

There are a number of alternatives to window grilles awaiting you today, and they can ensure that your home retains its aesthetic appeal, while remaining safe. Contact SP Screens today and find out more.

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