26 March 2018

Understanding the Australian Security Door Standards

Legislation, in the context of home security, is geared towards consumer protection. Any Australian business selling Security doors are legally required to ensure their door is tested and complies with relevant Australian Standards. Security doors secure a home through both strength and the power of deterrence, but ‘deterrence’ cannot be the only attribute – they must be strong enough to prevent a break-in, not just create an image of strength.

But what areas does this legislation cover?

The first relevant piece of legislation, AS 5039, is geared towards the security door and window grille. It lays out the basic requirements of a security screen window and security door, in regards to its materials, and what it can reasonably be expected to withstand. Consultants when creating these codes included the Master Builders Australia, Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia, the National Security Screen Association, and the Australian Windows Association. Here, these industry experts laid out the proper expectations for a security door. To qualify as a security door, a product must prove its mettle, at a NATA-accredited lab.

The second, AS 5040, is geared towards the installation of the door. Of course, a strong door does little good if it isn’t secured properly to strong points in the surrounding door frame, ground, or wall masonry. Your security door installation team must be master licenced and adhere to this code for your door to function as designed, as we at SP Screens do.

Finally, legislation exists that lays out relevant methods of testing these products, under the auspices of AS 5041. These necessities are the key reasons that we subject all of our screens to a variety of tests, to ensure that they pass these standards at NATA accredited labs each and every time.

Such tests include:

  • Knife Shear Test
  • Impact Test
  • Anti-Jemmy Test
  • Pull Test
  • Fire Attenuation (Bal) 12.5,19,29,40. (Secureview Eclipx)
  • Cyclone Screen Test (Secureview Eclipx)
  • Knife Shear Test
  • 10,000 Hour Salt Spray Tests
  • Aluminium Frame Tests
  • Stainless Mesh Tests

For more detailed information on Australian Standards, refer to our supplier CommandeX’s website.

With an eye towards your safety, security screens and doors provided by SP Screens are built tough, installed properly, and capable of doing their job when it counts. For more information, contact SP Screens today.

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