05 July 2018

Aluminium Roller Shutters and the Sounds of Silence

Australian homes, occupying this sunny and warm stretch of real estate, must battle the elements to retain an amenable climate indoors. The afternoon sun blasting through your windows can quickly overheat the air indoors, and without proper shade and ventilation, you can find that your home is not an enjoyable spot. Your sleeping patterns, and your overall stress levels, can often reflect this.

Insulating your home against the influence of the outdoors can reap real benefits, and our new aluminium roller shutters from SP Screens can position you perfectly to enjoy them.

Retain the heat, retain the cool
At a time when energy costs are at record highs, ensuring that your air conditioner or heater are not working overtime can make a real difference to your overall financial state. Our aluminium roller shutters, featuring a layer of interior foam, block more than the sunlight – they serve as excellent insulators, preserving the heat or the cool and keeping it where it is needed most.

Keep it quiet
This same insulating foam does double duty: it is able to reduce ambient noise from entering your windows, by up to 90%. At a time when Australians are urbanising more and more, it can add considerably to our stress level to experience road noise or loud neighbours while in the comfort of our homes. By keeping it down, you can settle in to your place of refuge with a buffer to the outside world. It can also considerably improve your sleep patterns.

Compact Storage
Many people will associate aluminium roller shutters with their bulky storage box on the top of the window, where the rolled-up shutter is stored when it isn’t deployed. Our shutters feature a unique curved slat, considerably decreasing the amount of space that they occupy when rolled up – and by extension, necessitating a smaller storage box.

Manufactured in Australia, our new aluminium roller shutters can change the way that you enjoy your property. Check them out today!

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