03 November 2017

Steel Doors for Newcastle and the Central Coast

The prevailing impression of the old steel front door, for many of us in the Newcastle and the Central Coast regions, is not a particularly positive one. They are commonly regarded as the workhorse of the entranceway world; their imposing nature conveys strength and practicality with little regard for style. Many of the older steel doors had a tendency for shabby rust marks, and squeaky hinges. But these doors have evolved with the times, and at SP Screens, we are fitting more customised steel doors to complement the homes of some distinguishing clients.

As with any window or door, choosing the correct aesthetic to match the home is of paramount importance, and with over 30 designs our wide range allows us to choose one that suits. The flatter lines of the modern suburban bungalow can be matched with similar emphasis, while the more ornate styling of a red brick, Victorian-era structure befits something more vertical and fancy. With a range of colours to be matched to the home in question.

Modern Steel doors offer a strong anti-theft deterrent for homes in Newcastle and the Central Coast. Their heavy duty steel hinges, anti-jemmy cover plate, central bar, and 5-lever mortice lock ensures that your door adds not only elegance and style – but a strong measure of security, to prevent would-be thieves from gaining easy access to your home.

These aren’t your grandmothers steel doors, and once installed by our professional installation team, they can provide both style and peace of mind. Contact SP Screens today, or check out our selection.

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