23 November 2018

Alfresco Comfort | Outdoor Blinds and Patio Roofs

While it has been less-than-noticeable across some areas of New South Wales, we are, at long last, seeing signs that summer is about to make its presence felt. As the days have lengthened, we may have begun to get more and more use out of our outdoor alfresco areas, with the prospect of a long and enjoyable summer keeping us warm, even if the weather hasn’t.

This change of seasons might also have us looking towards our patio or balcony setup. Perhaps this is the year for an upgrade? At SP Screens, out product range is geared to help you make the very most of your property, and two new entrants to this product line can help you to make the very most of the years’ finest weather.

What are Louvre Patio Roofs?
Louvre patio roofs from SP Screens are able to provide much-needed versatility to your patio or outdoor rooms light exposure. These tilting roof slats can be adjusted to control the amount of sunlight that reaches you – from very little on those baking hot afternoons, to as much as you need during those cloudier times.

Louvre roofs from SP Screens are waterproof, and can be quickly shut in case a shower or thunderstorm appears to keep your patio area dry. Controlled with the flick of a switch, they are capable of changing how you enjoy your outdoor space.

Outdoor Blinds or Patio Blinds
An alfresco dining experience is a lovely way to bring together friends and family on those fine-weather evenings in the summer, and your deck or patio was built to accommodate such needs. But those late afternoons come with their own shading requirements, as they typically involve that low-angle light that can have your guests squinting heavily throughout the meal.

A set of outdoor blinds will allow you to either filter or block direct sunlight from your outdoor living space, and the soothing black screen is able to dilute these low-angle rays of the sun. It can keep the patio area from heating up to uncomfortable levels, and ensures your guests are comfortable. And when they aren’t in use? Patio Blinds simply roll up at the touch of a button, and are discretely stored.

If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor space for this summer, SP Screens can help you. Contact us today for a no-obligation chat and fitting.

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