Understanding the Australian Security Door Standards

Legislation, in the context of home security, is geared towards consumer protection. Any Australian business selling Security doors are legally required to ensure their door is tested and complies with relevant Australian Standards. Security doors secure a home through both strength and the power of deterrence, but ‘deterrence’ cannot be the only attribute – they [...]

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Window Security Screens and Fall Protection

Protecting your family goes beyond ensuring their safety from elements outside the house. Particularly with small children and the elderly, they can require some protection from themselves. Falls, slips, and tumbles are common, and while they aren’t all serious, introduce height to the fall, and injuries are often the result. New Strata Legislation For this [...]

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Keeping Cool with Retractable Fly Screens

The Australian climate can provide some true scorchers every year. When the mercury climbs above forty degrees, even the most stoic of heat-junkies will be headed for the shade. But people have been living on this sweaty continent for tens of thousands of years without air conditioning – how did they manage it? Even on [...]

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Sliding Security Screen Doors and Maintenance: Getting Back On Track

Sliding security screen doors offer your home a wealth of advantages. They are easily opened from the inside, but strongly securable from outside. They fill your home with natural light and cooling breezes. But they can require some maintenance from time to time. When a sliding security screen is unlocked and receives an impact, it [...]

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