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Is the property you wish to install security screens within 500m of coast line or 2km of an escarpment?

The security screen suitable for your environment isThere are three quality security screen in our range that are suitable for your environment
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  • Engineered For Extreme Environments

    At SP Screens, we have three quality security mesh options for our range of security doors and window security screens, SaltWaterSeries, SecureView and Xceed perforated aluminium sheet. Only SaltWaterSeries is engineered for and warranted against harsh environments, such as coastal, corrosive salty air.

    SaltWaterSeries is made from a thin, impenetrable mesh, providing ultimate security with clear unobstructed views.

    • Packed full of features
    • Independently tested
    • Wide range of styles
    • Guaranteed to last
  • What’s in a SaltWaterSeries security screen?


    Thinner, stronger, more durable security mesh

    SaltWaterSeries uses 316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh, specifically powder coated for Australia’s harsh conditions, including salt air from our coastline.

    316 is chosen for its superb strength, durability and corrosion resistance, and is far more durable than 304 steel mesh.

    Using 316 marine grade stainless steel also means the mesh is corrosion resistant and is independently tested to pass a 3,000 hour neutral salt spray test. It is the ideal security mesh for the Australian coastline. We supply SaltWaterSeries screen doors and window screens to customers from Wollongong to Brisbane.

    Security doors and screens assembled using a patented fixing system

    Fixing system

    SaltWaterSeries security screen doors and security window screens use a unique fixing method developed and patented by our supplier – CommandeX. This system eliminates the need for screws and rivets and maintains unsurpassed strength and durability. The fixing system was developed for its aesthetic and anti-corrosion qualities.

    The system uses 3M VHBTM chemical bonding around the entire frame rather than rivets or screws fixing at spaced intervals. This chemical bonding is the same product used on commercial aircraft wings, skyscrapers and even the roof of T5 at Heathrow Airport, UK.

    Colour match any SaltWaterSeries Screen to your home

    With over 24 stocked colours to choose from, we can help you select the right colour to blend seamlessly into your home. If your colour is not stocked, we can colour match to the Dulux® colour range. Simply chat to an SP Screens Sales Representative for advice on the best colour for your property or test drive our colour visualiser.

  • Independently tested to exceed Australian Standards

    SP Screens is committed to excellence and our security screens are independently tested regularly to ensure the intrinsic strength and structural integrity of SaltWaterSeries. Testing is conducted and certified by AZUMA Design & Testing, a NATA approved test lab using stringent testing procedures.

    We’re delighted to say that SaltWaterSeries security doors and window screens passed the following Australian Standards 5039 tests.

    • Knife Shear Test
    • Impact Test
    • Anti-Jemmy Test
    • Pull Test
    • Probe Test*
    • Sheer Test*

    *N/A due to hole aperture being far less than the test requirement

    The video below explains these tests in more detail.

    SaltWaterSeries is a very cleverly designed strong and versatile product achieving security screen accreditation (AS 5039) and protects buildings in cyclone, fire and corrosion prone areas.

    SaltWaterSeries security screens exceeds additional testing to achieve:

    • Bushfire protection – Fire Attenuation (Bal) 12.5,19,29,40.
    • Cyclone Screen Test
    • 3,000 Hour Neutral Salt Spray Tests
    • Aluminium Frame Tests
    • Stainless Mesh Tests
  • Secure doors, windows and more with SaltWaterSeries security screens

    SaltWaterSeries is known for its quality and versatility, and is backed with an 20* year registered warranty. SP Screens is experienced in security screen solutions for residential, commercial and government sectors.

    Our security doors and security window screens are custom made in Australia to fit any varying sizes and styles

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