Panel Glide Blinds

Panel Glides are a modern fashionable choice.  Suitable for large windows or doorways, the fabric panel slides across the doorway or window opening.

SP Screens has a range of options to help customise panel glide blinds to suit your home and decor.  Plain Panel Glides are a perfect accompaniment to your Roller Blinds and other blinds in your home.  Available in a range of blockout and light-filtering fabrics, Panel Glides are the perfect soft furnishing solution to your large doorway or window.

There really isn’t a better or more practical option for large openings such as sliding and bi-fold doors as panel glides. The ability to easily slide the panels away from the door or window opening and have them neatly stack behind each other makes them beautiful and practical.


Quality custom made Panel Glide Blinds in three easy steps…

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  • 2Custom design your blinds from our range of colour, fabric and mounting options to create the best look for your home.
  • 3Panel Glide Blind installation by our professional team.

Mounting Methods

Outside Mount or Inside Mount. (Inside Mount is not recommended because of the settling of the fabric and the light gaps).

  • Inside Mount (not recommended)


    • The weight of a the fabric and any aluminium batons on a Panel Glide can see the fabric settle or stretch by as much as 20mm to 40mm. This settling cannot be confidently predicted which is why Panel Glides are not recommended for Inside Mount
    • The depth of the track can mean that even if though the blind is mounted inside the reveal some panels may slide outside the reveal.
  • Outside Mount


    • The blind can run past the opening giving better privacy and light block.
    • The blind can be configured to allow the panels the stack past the opening.


    • The blind will sit off the wall meaning light seepage at the edges may occur.


The number of tracks will generally be determined by the number of panels however, it is discretionary. The track colours available are White, Birch, Anodised and Black. As an option, you may choose your panel glide blinds to be made with extra track at either or both ends to allow the panels to stack further away from the opening, e.g. over the wall.


Number of Panels

The number of panels and the configuration of the track needs to be determined. Talk to one of our experts about the best solution for your needs.


Fixed Panel

Our experts will explain to you which panel will be fixed and the panels will slide. You may wish to have the panels stack behind or in front of the fixed panel


Wand Colour

Unless otherwise stipulated the wand colour will match the track colour. Please note that wands are used in SP Screens Panel Glide Blinds instead of cords due to Australian laws aimed at reducing strangulation risk in children.



100mm Universal pelmets with or without a fabric insert are an available option on panel glides


Additional Panel Glide Specifications:

- Track sizes available are 3, 4 and 5 track.
- The minimum number of panels is 2
- The maximum number of panels sliding one way is 5.
- The maximum number of panels in a split draw is 9 still allowing for an overlap of panels.
- You could have 10 panels split however this would mean that the centre panels would butt together and not overlap which is problematic.
- The minimum panel width is 450mm
- The maximum panel width is 1200mm
- The maximum track length is 5400mm
- Panels less than 450mm and wider than 1250mm including overlap are not warranted as to twisting and cupping that may occur.


Care & Maintenance – Panel Glide Blinds

The application of a silicone-based lubricant to the wand is recommended. Regular dusting of the fabric will ensure no build-up of dust and grime occurs. Professional cleaners using ultrasonic cleaning methods are recommended. Any other form of washing of the blinds is not recommended.

Please Note: SP Screens uses the latest guillotine, crush and ultrasonic fabric cutting tools depending on the type of fabric. We do not side hem any fabrics so caution must be taken when operating blinds to avoid unnecessary rubbing which may cause fraying or other damage. With normal operation of a cord or chain operated blind, other than cleaning there should be NO circumstance where anything should come in contact with the fabric of the blind. Should you notice any instance where your blinds do appear to be rubbing on anything, you must report this to the place of purchase immediately so preventative action can be taken. Fraying or any other damage caused by the blind rubbing against anything is not covered by warranty.

Warranty – Panel Glide Blinds

All blinds are covered by a 3 year Manufacturers Warranty on components and a 2 year Manufacturers Warranty on fabric subject to compliance with all recommendations herein. Various fabric suppliers have individual warranties which may extend past this period. The warranty includes the replacement or alteration of faulty goods only.

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