Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are practical and affordable for homes and businesses.

You control the amount of privacy and light you need easily with vertical blinds.  SP Screens Vertical Blinds are one of the most efficient and practical window coverings and they look great in any home. Available in a range of light filtering & block-out fabrics, our vertical blinds are locally made to complement your décor.

Quality custom made Vertical Blinds in three easy steps…

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  • 2Choose the fabric, track colour, and options that best suit your home style
  • 3Professional installation for a perfect fit by our expert team.

Our wand controled vertical blind system is child safe and extremely easy to use. Our vertical blinds are available in either 89mm or 127mm blades and can either be fixed at the bottom with a traditional link chain or use the more popular chainless weights system. Our vertical blinds are custom made locally and are a classic choice for any home or office.

The practicality of vertical blinds cannot be matched. Where other blinds such as roller blinds are essentially either up or down, vertical blinds can be tilted on the vertical axis to offer privacy whilst still allowing filtered light to enter the room.

Chain and Weights

Our vertical blinds can be manufactured as either 1. bottom weights and chain OR 2. bottom weight only (Chainless). Bottom weights are slotted into the bottom of the blind & not sewn in.
IMPORTANT - Australian law requires us to protect children from strangulation hazard and any internal window covering must be installed in such a way that a loose cord or chain cannot form a loop 220mm or longer at a height of less than 1600mm above the floor. It is for this reason, vertical blinds are manufactured using wand/chain operation and not cord/chain operation.



The type of bracket used will be determined by the mounting method. Unless otherwise stipulated, the bracket colour will be determined by the track colour chosen by the customer.



Vertical blind tracks are available in White, Birch, Black and Anodised (silver). Vertical blind tracks will be supplied with a mini pelmet in a fabric matching the vertical blinds.

Where New Generation or Echo slats are ordered, a fabric close to the slat colour will be supplied. Where “Express Vertical Blinds” are ordered, the track supplied will be a white cut-down track only. No track insert is available for Express Vertical Blinds.


Wand Colour

Wand colours for vertical blinds are White, Birch, Silver and Black. Unless otherwise stipulated on the order the wand will be supplied to match the track colour chosen.

In accordance with child safety legislation, SP Screens supplies vertical blinds with wand operation only which negates the need for operation cords



Pelmets are optional and can be custom made to match your vertical blinds and give an elegant finish. 100mm universal pelmets can be chosen with or without a matching fabric insert.


Care & Maintenance Guide - Vertical Blinds

The application of a silicone based lubricant to the tilt rod (wand) mechanism is recommended. Regular dusting of the fabric will ensure dust and grime doesn't build up.
For deeper cleaning, professional cleaners using ultrasonic cleaning methods are recommended as any other form of washing of the blinds is not advised. It is recommended that the vertical blind slats be rotated regularly to ensure that any natural fading of the blinds fabric occurs evenly.

Please Note: SP Screens uses the latest fabric cutting tools. Our blind fabrics are not hemmed at the side so care must be taken when operating blinds to avoid unnecessary rubbing which may cause fraying. With normal operation of chain operated blinds, other than cleaning there should be NO circumstance where anything should come in contact with the fabric of the blind. Should you notice any instance where your blinds do appear to be rubbing on anything, you must report this to SP Screens immediately so preventative action can be taken. Fraying or any other damage caused by the blind rubbing against anything is not covered by warranty.

Warranty – Vertical Blinds

  • Track
    3 Years
  • Track Components
    3 Years
  • Fabric
    2 Years

Choose Your Fabric

SP Screens has a range of vertical blind suitable fabrics for you to choose from. With many textures, shades, and patterns to choose from light flitering & blockout fabric ranges. Blockout fabrics are an ideal choice for bedrooms while light-filtering fabrics add a level of elegance to living areas. Please note that vertical blinds are great for reducing the light and heat that enters your home through your windows and doors. The design of vertical blinds means that in bright light situations, a glow will be visible between the slats. If you require a total light block solution, please speak to one of our experts about how we can help you achieve this.


Choose your vertical slat size

Choose a width or 89mm or 127mm for your vertical blinds. Generally, a narrow window reveal would be better serviced by the narrower 89mm slats and a wide opening such as a sliding door will be better suited to the 127mm wider slats.


Mounting Method & Blind Draw Options.

You choose either inside mount or outside mount. When choosing your mounting & draw options, talk to one of our experts about the best soloution for your needs. SP Screens are able to use extension brackets, in order to mount the vertical blind just outside the window reveal for when the window reveal is very narrow.

  • Inside Mount 89mm


    • Able to be mounted close to the glass minimising light gap.


    • The adjustment to allow for the end caps means there can be a gap on the sides of the blind.
    • The carriers can cause the blades to not to reach the left and right edge of the window.
    • The nature of the spacing on Vertical Blinds means that there can be an uneven spacing between the last few blades.
  • Outside Mount 89mm


    • Fully covers the window and will be closer to the glass than 127mm slats.


    • 89mm blades are not recommended for very wide openings as the bunching of a large number of slats can prove heavy to operate.
    • The nature of the spacing on Vertical Blinds means that there can be an uneven spacing between the last few blades.
  • Vertical Blinds May Be Drawn to the Left, Right or Centre
    Vertical blinds can be manufactured so that the wand draws (or stacks) the vertical blinds to the left or right. They can also stack the blinds in the centre or centre open. It is generally recommended that the blinds are drawn away from the door or window opening.

    What is Centre Drawn?


    • If chosen for the correct window type this configuration can prove very practical. A wand at each end of the blind will be supplied.  Fully covers the window and will be closer to the glass than 127mm slats.


    • If wand operation is chosen then a wand at each end of he blind will be supplied. This may cause the blind to show a larger gap at each end is fitted inside mount.
    • Can prove heavy to operate.
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