Security Doors for Sydney

The installation of security doors provides that basic element of deterrence and safety to your home. Opportunistic thefts can often occur by simply walking in the front door, and investing in a barrier to entry can deter many a would-be thief.

But security doors in Sydney have a poor relationship with home décor. They conjure up images of hardened bars and heavy steel doors – not the most attractive addition to any home. Luckily, we have evolved beyond this reality. Modern materials have given us a new style of security door, one that can fit in to the décor of nearly any home.

At SP Screens, we provide bespoke security doors for homeowners across Sydney. Our methods are simple: use the existing infrastructure of the home and work with it, to create a security door that suits the taste of the client and the aesthetic of the home, including the choice of a suitable colour from our wide range.

When you engage us, we visit your property, to evaluate your needs and preferences. We offer an on-the-spot quote, after which we create your bespoke door with your choice of security screen. These screens are produced by the highly-respected Commandex, and along with our crack installation team at SP Screens, can provide a strong barrier to entry and protection from theft, while maintaining airflow and comfort in your home.

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The largest city in the nation, the metropolis of Sydney crowds around the edges of Port Jackson, in the east of New South Wales. Known for its landmarks of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Sydney is home to over four and a half million residents.

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