Security Gates

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Providing security and privacy for your home can be of paramount concern today, especially as our suburbs become more and more crowded. You want your space to be yours alone, and having a strong barrier to casual entry and prying eyes can be essential to preserving a sense of peace at your home.

We provide bespoke security gates for our clients throughout Australia, constructed with the same Xcell aluminium slats that we put to use on our privacy screens. These unique barriers offer you the chance to dictate the gaps between them, while their hidden screws and tough build makes them extremely difficult to knock down or bypass. We believe that we can offer strength and security to your property, without sacrificing the home décor and aesthetic that defines your home.

Our expert technicians are fully vetted and licensed, and are well-experienced in their craft. They can ensure that your gate is placed correctly, with tough fittings, and connections to strong points around it. We know that a security gate is only as strong as its weakest point, and we make sure that your security gate is up to the task.

At SP Screens, we can enhance the security of your home, and put you at ease, with a strong and reliable security gate. Contact us today to find out more.

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