Security Screens Sydney

At SP Screens, we provide Sydney and the entirety of Australia with premium security screens, strong and tough enough to withstand forced entry, heavy impacts, and embers. We pride ourselves on retrofitting our screens on to homes in a fashion that won’t disrupt the décor, while compromising none of their strength or functionality.

Our selection of security screens can provide your home with the safety and protection from break-ins that can help you sleep better each night. Constructed of toughened steel, and tested rigorously, our screens provide a formidable obstacle for any criminal looking to illicitly enter your home. They operate just as effectively as insect screens, and their heat-resistant nature means they can aid your home during an ember attack, as well.

While our security screens create headaches for Sydney’s criminals, they are capable of allowing the breezes of summer to filter through your home. No longer will you be obliged to keep your windows and doors shut each time you decide to head to the shops. This can help to preserve a more amenable climate inside of your home.

There are added benefits beyond your state of mind, as well. Security screens for your Sydney home are tough, far tougher than your average screen, and can prevent little people or pets from escaping. They are strong enough to stop a falling person, and can help you to keep your population safely indoors.

At SP Screens, we can retrofit our premium security screens on to any home we come across. Contact us today and organise a free inspection and quote.

The largest city in the country, Sydney lies in the east of New South Wales. Spreading along the shores of Port Jackson and the Parramatta River, the city plays host to over four and a half million residents.