Stackable Sliding Doors

Stackable Sliding Doors can allow you to make the very most of the Australian climate. These unique doors allow you to slide them over to the side of the room, opening up the entire bank of glass doors to the outside, and letting the outside in.

They allow for unfettered access to fresh air and natural light, but like any other entranceway, they need to be secure. Given that they sit in a track, they are not considered to be as secure as hinged doors. To ease the mind of the homeowner, you might be considering an added security measure.

At SP Screens, we create and install security screens for Australia’s stackable sliding door arrangements. Created from tough, well-tested, impact-resistant stainless steel mesh, they can ensure that your doors are not a weak point for a potential break-in.

Our security screens have been created without compromise. Built to withstand the salty atmosphere often found near the coast, it is strongly corrosion-resistant. It has been rigorously tested, to ensure that it can stand up to forced impacts, jemmying, and blades, along with high temperatures and embers. Installed by our trained professionals, the screw-free construction ensures that no one will be paying you an unwanted visit.

Available in a wide variety of colours and configurations, we can ensure that your home is protected. Our security screens won’t impede the flow of air and atmosphere in to your home, but they can stop potential thieves – and insects – from entering via your stackable sliding doors.

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