Sliding Screen Doors

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Sliding screen doors can be found in almost every Australian home. They allow us to encourage airflow through the home during those sweltering summer days, while stopping insects from joining us indoors.  Sliding Screen doors can be as simple as a single sliding door or more dramatic, such as a wide opening multiple stackable sliding door which is popular in more modern Australian homes.  Sliding Screen doors are installed within their own track laid discretely next to the existing glass sliding doors track which is colour matched so the additional track does not attract attention.

Sliding Security Screens functionality doesn’t end with insect deterrence. Properly secured, sliding screen doors can operate as security screening, preventing forced entry, and keeping your home secure. Toughened security screens from SP Screens are capable of withstanding forced entry by a variety of means, while remaining easily opened and encouraging of airflow.

Our products range from basic diamond grills, all the way to our space-age SecureView Eclipx screening, built using space-age technology drawn from the aerospace industry. Hardened and tough, our screens nevertheless are available in a wide range of colours and formats, to suit the décor of any home out there.

As well as theft prevention, our screens operate well to ward off the impacts of bushfires. The toughened screens are capable of withstanding extreme heat, and can help to ward off ember attacks and burning debris.

Sliding screen doors from Commandex and SP Screens can improve the safety and security of your home, without losing the ability to maintain a comfortable environment indoors. Our licensed security professionals will visit, offer an on-the-spot quote, and create your bespoke sliding screen doors before installing them the right way. For more information, check out our wide selection.

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