Increase undercover space and add value to your home with a Louvre Roof

Louver Roofs and Patio Roofs

Are you ready for a Louvre Patio Roof to change the way you enjoy your covered spaces?

  • 1Control your Shade
  • 2Control your Environment
  • 3Control your Light
  • 4As changeable as the weather
  • Increase undercover space and add value to your home. Control your outdoor living environment at the touch of a button!

    An electronically-controlled louvre roof offers you the chance to control the light exposure and the environment on your patio or outdoor spaces. When opened fully, you are offered nearly unfettered access to sunlight and warmth, while closing them protects your space from the rain or the hot noonday sun. Open them partially, or at a particular angle, reflects the sun’s rays while allowing for a welcome breeze to flow through.

    Create more undercover space and increase the value of your home with a Louvre Roof

    Ready to enjoy an all-season patio area, with a premium electronically-operated Louvre Roof? These unique roofs can be opened to allow the light in, and quickly shut to protect you from the elements and improve your home’s energy efficiency.Fastidiously engineered, these Louvre Roofs have been created for both quality and style. Backed by a full ten-year warranty, they are built with corrosion-resistant aluminium and stainless steel, to last.

  • Standard Colour Range

    • Gloss White
    • Paperbark
    • Shale Gray
    • Classic Cream
    • Monument
  • Custom colour range

    • Surf Mist
    • Ironstone
    • Loft
    • Dune
    • Pale Eucalypt
    • Jasper
    • Woodland Gray
    • Deep Ocean
    • Manor Red
    • Cottage Green
    • Satin White
    • Birch White
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Jarrah (wood effect)
    • Medium Cedar

Roofing System Configurations

  • Free standing 4 x post

  • 1 x wall 2x post

  • 2/3 x wall 1x post

  • 4x wall 0x post

Technical Specifications

  • Material
    Extruded Aluminium, Stainless Steel fixings
  • Operation
  • Motor Type
    240 V DC Lineal Actuator
  • Blade Rotation
    130 Degrees
  • Max Blade Span
    5000mm Max
  • Beam Span between Post
  • Max Area per Motor
  • Blade size
    210mm x 44.5mm
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