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Only the Finest – Security Screens and Doors

Security screens and doors from SP Screens are among the finest on the market today. Our lineup provides options across a wide range of preferences, from those providing a deterrent, to top of the line, battery-resistant models. This broad product range offers our clients the chance to find their precise fit, but the motive doesn’t [...]

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How to Keep Your Home Secure From Burglary Without Spending a Fortune

We would all like to think that our home is a secure place that we can feel safe in, but the sad reality is that household burglary is actually one of the most common crimes in Australia. Statistics show that Australians are aware of this fact, with a full 36 per cent of Australians believing [...]

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8 Simple Tricks for Staying Warm and Saving Energy This Winter

Winter is upon us, and usually, this means an increased power bill for your home. The costs of heating the home to stave off the cold are responsible for energy bill shock for a lot of people, and indeed, there are many that simply can’t afford that kind of increase in expense. There are quite [...]

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How to Choose the Right Door Style for Your Home

Choosing the door into your home is a significant decision, and can have a greater aesthetic impact on the house than many people realise. It’s obviously one of the first things that people notice as they come in, and it can set the tone for the decor for the rest of your home. These characteristics [...]

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Join Our Team – Apprenticeship Position Available

Installer – Security Screens – Sydney & Surrounding Suburbs Our Sydney branch is looking for an apprentice to join our expanding team.  Products to be installed include security screens, fly screens, retractable and pleated screens. This position is based out of our Brookvale factory and will service the Greater Sydney area. Immediate start. Preferred Skills [...]

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How to Properly Clean and Maintain Screen Doors Without Damaging Them

It’s important to keep your screen door clean and in good working condition. Because a screen door can accumulate a lot of dirt, as it is obviously structured with many tiny grime-accumulating holes, keeping it clean helps to make the screen look transparent and tidy. Equally, a well maintained screen door helps with its key [...]

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5 Simple Steps to Teaching Your Child About Stranger Safety

Of course, no one wants to consider the possibility of something terrible happening to their children. And we only need to look at the statistics to know that Australia is a fundamentally safe place for children to grow up. However at the same time, as safe as Australia is, there’s always some risk and danger, [...]

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How to Keep Aged Care Facilities Safe for Residents and Guests

Aged care facilities need to be carefully managed in order to protect residents. Often, residents of aged care facilities are experiencing loss of mental ability, which puts them at higher risk of injury from environments that people take for granted. Limited mobility also means that there’s a greater risk of serious injury from slips or [...]

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Introducing Xcell Privacy Screens & Gates

Xcell Privacy Screens and Gates installed by SP Screens provide instant kerb appeal for the modern Australian front and backyard. Xcell Privacy Screens and Gates can be used in a variety of ways to hide and screen those eyesores in your yard such as bins, pool filters and gas bottles etc. Our sleek aluminium slat [...]

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