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Sliding Security Screen Doors and Maintenance: Getting Back On Track

Sliding security screen doors offer your home a wealth of advantages. They are easily opened from the inside, but strongly securable from outside. They fill your home with natural light and cooling breezes. But they can require some maintenance from time to time. When a sliding security screen is unlocked and receives an impact, it [...]

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The Bespoke Difference: Custom Screen Doors

When looking for security screen doors and windows, in the Central Coast NSW, Moreton Bay QLD, and elsewhere, it is important your security screen door is properly fitted. A poorly-fitted insect screen is only marginally better at keeping out bugs than none at all, while a poorly installed security screen may be easily broken into [...]

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Aluminium Fencing and the Modern Look

New trends in residential neighbourhoods typically take a long time to gain a foothold. There is a lot of nostalgia involved in maintaining a home, and many a wistful eye has looked to the past for style guides. Hence, the prevalent white picket fences, with their swinging gates, are found all across this country. But [...]

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Only the Finest – Security Screens and Doors

Security screens and doors from SP Screens are among the finest on the market today. Our lineup provides options across a wide range of preferences, from those providing a deterrent, to top of the line, battery-resistant models. This broad product range offers our clients the chance to find their precise fit, but the motive doesn’t [...]

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How to Keep Your Home Secure From Burglary Without Spending a Fortune

We would all like to think that our home is a secure place that we can feel safe in, but the sad reality is that household burglary is actually one of the most common crimes in Australia. Statistics show that Australians are aware of this fact, with a full 36 per cent of Australians believing [...]

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