15 February 2020

Bookkeeping Support for Franchisees

Helping Our Franchisees with the Books

What bookkeeping & accounting support do SP Screens franchisees receive?  The lot! Most people looking for a franchise system want to partner with someone to help them “run their business”, especially to do their books (also known as the accounts).

We want our franchisess to spend time with their families after work.  The SP Screens Accounts Team will do “the books” and all that accounting stuff which is what they are experts at. They take care of things like:

  • Setting up a new framchise company
  • Setting up branch bank accounts
  • Entering new sales into MYOB (Accounting Software)
  • Creating purchase orders with suppliers
  • Paying invoices to suppliers
  • Paying wages
  • Invoicing customers
  • Chasing and taking customer payments
  • Preparing & Submitting end of financial year BAS Statements to the ATO

Our franchisees receive Bookkeeping suport so they can focus on their customers and the day to day running of their business.  Accounting and Bookingkeeping is a specialised, time consuming skill that many small businesses fail to keep on top on and do properly.  It can be the a reason many small businesses fail.  We remove the stress of Bookkeeping for our franchsiees to help make life a little easier.


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    If your enquiry relates to fly screens please note that minimum order quantities apply. These minimum order quantities do not apply if you are also ordering other SP Screens products. Minimum order quantity of 10 for Fly Screen Windows; Minimum order quantity of 2 for Fly Screen Doors. Also, minimum order quantity of 4 for Diamond Grille windows.