22 September 2016

Own A Cafe Or Restaurant? Maintain Your Food And Safety Standards With A Screen Door

When you own a cafe or restaurant, there’s a myriad of stringent rules and regulations you need to follow in order to adhere to all food and safety standards. At times, ensuring this is happening can be overwhelming.

There are a few ways you can ensure you’re cafe or restaurant is being safe and hygienic to satisfy your requirements as a business, and ensure the health and safety of your customers and staff. One great solution is installing screen doors, which offer your business a myriad of benefits including increased health and safety.

Your food and safety responsibilities

Food centred businesses are required to proof their premises against pests. Pests include (but aren’t limited to) birds, rodents, insects and arachnids (spiders). Because many of these pests can carry diseases, there’s a chance they can contaminate food if given the opportunity to enter your premises. They can damage food and packaging, and can contaminate food and other items with their faeces, urine, hair and bodies. In addition to this, rats and mice can also nest in roof spaces and can cause damage to cables and pipework by eating and chewing through them.

How to protect your business

One way you can prevent pests from entering is by making use of pest-proof doors and entrances such as flyscreens and self-closing doors. Putting mesh screens in open windows and other ventilation openings will vastly reduce the amount of pests entering your premises.

Of course, there will be instances where flies may come into your cafe or restaurant when customers walk in; this is inevitable during the warmer months. You also cannot control bugs or pests that enter the building from suppliers bringing boxed goods. What you can do is stop the majority of them from entering by installing the right fly screens and mesh systems in larger entrances and openings.

Specific things to consider in a commercial arena

A commercial business’ needs are going to be very different to those of a residential property. For a start, the door and window sizes could be vastly different to those in a home, and you may need to get screens installed that are custom-made to fit the doorway. This is very important, as you need to ensure the fit is correct and there are no gaps, otherwise you’re going to find that there will still be pests entering the business.

Screen door providers such as SP Screens can custom build and install screens to suit your business’ needs. Regardless of how the entrances are used or how you run your business, you’ll find that a business such as SP Screens can recommend an effective and attractive solution.

It’s important to remember that screens installed in a commercial premise will often be used a lot more that those in most homes. Hinges on screens, for example, will get a good workout. So you will need to invest in screens that are going to withstand extensive use. High quality materials that require minimal maintenance are ideal for a commercial business.

Other benefits of screen doors to consider

Keeping bugs and insects out aren’t the only benefits of having a screen door. There are a number of other ways screens can improve your premises which you may not have considered.

Additional security

As a business owner, you need to implement practises and incorporate design features that maximise security. By adding screens, you’re essentially adding another door for would-be criminals to break and enter through. Two locks are better the one for the security of your business. Plus, providers such as SP Screens stock screen doors designed with security in mind.

Added style

Screens have come a long way from the original simple, black mesh design. There are plenty of styles, systems and colours to choose from, so you’ll definitely be able to find screens to suit the look and feel of your business.

More fresh air

Fresh air is perfect for refreshing and rejuvenating your cafe or restaurants environment. Fresh air will promote better circulation, reduce condensation and decrease the chance of irritants such as mould from growing. You’ll be able to have your doors and windows open, all without worrying about pesky bugs and insects coming in.

Maintain your view

Does your business have a stunning view? You can still enjoy your amazing spectacle with a screen door – SP Screens stocks a range of screens which won’t hinder your views.

Whether you’re ensuring your business is following standard regulations for food and health safety or you want to add some style to your business’ look, screen doors are an ideal solution. Customisable, attractive and functional, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have screen doors installed!

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