27 September 2016

8 Ways To Keep Your Backyard Secure And Pets Safe

Have you got a pet that keeps escaping out of your yard? Or, perhaps you have a new puppy on the way and you want to ensure they stay safe, whether you’re home or not? Maybe you just want to increase the security of your backyard, to ensure you don’t have any unwanted guests?  There are a few ways you can keep your backyard secure and pets safe and increase the security of your home so you can relax when you’re not there, knowing that your pets aren’t going to get out and your home is safe from burglars.

Get sensor lighting

The lights installed in your backyard can have a huge effect on deterring those trying to burgle your home. If you have sensor lighting installed it will deter potential burglars as they will worry that you or your neighbours can see them.

Protect your outdoor belongings

If you like to do a bit of yard work on the weekends, always make sure you put away your belongings after using them. Ladders should be locked away, and any tools should be stored in a tool shed or garage when not in use. Tools aren’t just expensive; they can be used by others wanting to get through a window or door. If possible, chaining outdoor furniture to the ground or to the main building can ensure no large items are stolen or damaged.

Install fencing

Dog Door in Screen DoorInstall a fence is one of the easiest ways to stop unwanted visitors entering the yard, and also stops your pets from escaping. Ensure you install a strong fence that can withstand bad weather and outside pressure. Sometimes you may find unruly children kicking fences trying to damage them, or perhaps other dogs will want to try and fight their way through your fence to get to your pets. By installing a tall fence made of strong, sturdy materials, you can be sure you keep your yard secure and pets safe.

Install an alarm system

Alarm systems can be quite expensive, but they are an effective way to stop burglars from getting into your home. When you install an alarm system, make sure you place stickers visibly around your property advertising your security company so burglars are aware of this. If you can’t afford to install an alarm system, just having the signage saying you do can be enough to keep criminals away from your home.

Lock your doors and gate

For many this sounds like common sense, but some people often leave back doors and windows open or unlocked when they’re away from home. As there is a fence surrounding the property, some may believe it’s safe enough to keep this door unlocked. This isn’t true! If someone wants to get into your home, they will climb over fences to make it happen. Locking your gate is important to prevent pet theft – the more difficult you make it for thieves to take your furry friends, the better. Always ensure you lock your doors, windows and gate when you’re away from home.

Keep landscaping neat

Overgrown landscaping in and around the home is a great resource for unwanted visitors, as they can hide in bushes and shrubs to get a better view of your home and find ways to get inside. Additionally, overgrown trees and bushes can prevent neighbours from seeing into your yard and keeping an eye out on your belongings and property. Keep all landscaping neat and tidy to not only make your home look great, but also reduce security risks.

Remove poisonous plants

While you’re cutting back trees and branches, ensure your yard doesn’t house any poisonous plants that could harm your dog. Some plants can be highly poisonous to pets, so it’s important to make sure you understand which species of plants are dangerous and remove them as soon as possible.

Secure under your home

Some homes will have access areas under the home where pets can inevitably get in and under the house. Not only can it be dangerous or scary for them, especially if they get stuck, but there can also be poisonous bugs and animals under the home that can make your pets ill if bitten. Make sure all access areas to under the home are secured and protected so pets cannot get in.

By implementing these measures you can help ensure your house and pets are safe when you’re not around. Not only will you have happy pets that are kept out of harm’s way, you’ll have a secure home and belongings.

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