18 October 2019

Perforated aluminium security screens are a cost effective way to increase security and value in your home.

Xceed Perforated Aluminium Security ScreenPerforated Security Screens are made from perforated aluminium mesh, which is a sheet of security grade hardened aluminium with evenly spaced holes punched through it.

The perforated aluminium sheet used in our Xceed security screens is thinner and stronger than the commonly used architectural grade aluminium. Xceed perforated aluminium security mesh window and door security screens have a thickness of 1.6 mm with a hole aperture of 2.20mm providing great visibility, security, and airflow. It also has the corrosion resistant properties of aluminium.

Why is perforated aluminium security better than diamond grilles?

Did you know that most diamond grilles for doors and windows on the market do not comply with Australian Standards 5039? For those grilles that don’t meet Australian Standards, it means they are not a security screen, and are in fact a safety screen.  Not only do perforated aluminium security screens look more modern with a similar cost to diamond grilles, they also meet Australian Security Standards.

Perforated aluminium security screens generally meet Australian Standards, although it is best to verify this with providers when arranging your quotes. Our Xceed security doors and window screens passed the following Australian Standards 5039 tests in addition to Aluminium Frame Tests:

  • Knife Shear Test
  • Impact Test
  • Anti-Jemmy Test
  • Pull Test
  • Probe Test*
  • Sheer Test*

*N/A due to hole aperture being far less than the test requirement.

Perforated aluminium security screens for windows and doors look more modern than diamond grilles. They’re a great option if you want to update the street appeal and security of your home.

Why is perforated aluminium cheaper than other security screens?

Perforated aluminium is considered to be entry level home security. It has all the features and benefits to comply with Australian Standards for security windows and doors, but has a slightly different look and feel to the premium woven stainless steel security mesh. We suggest you visit a showroom to compare difference and see the screens for yourself.

Xceed specifications

We’ve put together a list of key features and specifications to use when comparing Xceed perforated aluminium security doors to other diamond grille doors.

XceedCompared to Diamond Grilles
Mesh infillCorrosion resistant perforated, structural grade aluminium panelsAluminium grille with flyscreen
Diamond grille mesh
3 Point Locking SystemYesOptional
Patented Fixing SystemYesNo
Mesh thickness1.60mmN/A
Hole Aperture2.20mmVariable
Insect ProtectionGreatGood until flyscreen tears
Attractive, Sleek LookGreatUnattractive
Pet door options availableYesYes
Manufacturer’s Warranty7 yearsTypically none
Meets Security Grade Australian Standards (AS5039)YesTypically poor and untested
Aluminium Frame TestsPassUntested

At SP Screens, we provide custom built security doors and security window screens in varying sizes and styles including:

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