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  • Posted by: Peta Mayne

Security Screens in 2020 – Are They Worth The Investment?

Deciding where to invest money into a home and where to save on costs is front-and-centre of many Australian homeowners’ concerns. Owning your home serves as one of our biggest single investments, and counts as something to strive for. But once you have taken that leap, you find that owning a home takes work, and cash to keep it looking its best and retaining its value.

Security is an integral element of any home’s curb appeal. But for many homeowners, the cost of premium security screens might come across as restrictive. Your home may never actually be burgled, and investing in security screens for your windows and doors could seem prohibitively expensive for a threat that is somewhat hypothetical.

However, a good quality modern security screen be a solid investment decision in the long term – even if you are not living in a high crime area or looking to protect expensive equipment. Unfortunately, choosing a cheaper quality screen without security features and with an old fashioned outdated design can actually have the opposite effect and reduce a home’s curb appeal and make a home look older than it actually is.

They Last

Constructed of stainless steel and aluminium, our screens are built tough, and built to last. They still look as good as new after years of harsh treatment by the elements with the same ease that they can withstand forced entry, courtesy of their design materials and their resistance to corrosion and pitting, even in the tough, saline environments that dominate many of our coastal cities and towns like Sydney, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Brisbane.

Contrast this with your typical fly screen. Nylon mesh is no match for a determined entrant – just as it is no match for a determined child, dog, or the impacts of UV and moisture.

Most homes will find that they are obliged to replace their fly screens every 10 years or so. While their one-time cost is lower than a proper security screen, over the course of time, the savings crystallise.


The housing market in Australia has been somewhat volatile of late. Major cities like Sydney and Brisbane have been shown to be in somewhat of a bubble, and as prices fluctuate, many consumers are looking for anything that will give them a boost over their neighbours on the property market.

Security screens can provide this. By assuring potential buyers of the safety and security of your home, you can increase the curb appeal considerably, especially in areas known for their crime rates or among homeowners looking to protect valuables.


Security screens offer you the ability to enjoy open windows through the hottest months. Rather than oblige yourself to close the windows and doors each time you leave for the purposes of safety, you can leave your windows open, allowing your home’s air to circulate freely. This will ease your reliance on your air conditioner.

Fire Insurance

If you pay insurance premiums on your home, you could find yourself paying a smaller premium with the addition of security screens. Security screens are far more impenetrable to flying debris than nylon screens, and are recommended by both Allianz and NRMA as a method to improve your home’s safety during a bushfire. They won’t make your home impenetrable, but they improve your odds.


As a follow-up to the prior point, security screens provide a level of stress relief. Rather than occupying your headspace with security concerns, you can travel with a clear mind. Rather than allowing a ripped screen to aid insects in their invasion of your living space, you can sleep soundly. And rather than stressing about toddlers, pets, or the elderly falling through a ripped fly screen, you can trust in the strength of your product.

Security screens in Australia come with a wealth of perks, and they can improve the way that you enjoy your own four walls. Get your free, no-obligation quote today.