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The 5 Point Checklist to Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re on Holiday

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You’re about to take a well-deserved vacation. Perhaps it’s overseas, or just to another city in the country. The last thing that you want to do while on holiday is worry about whether your home will be waiting for you when you return. It’s an unfortunate reality that properly securing your home while you’re away [...]

Australian Home Styles Through the Ages

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Homes can be as individual as you are, which is what makes them so great. No matter what kind of person you are, there’s almost always going to be a home on the market that suits your style. If not, there’s always the opportunity to redecorate and design your own home to suit you. There [...]

5 Reasons to Put a Screen Door on Your Baby’s Room

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Are you nursing a newborn or have a younger child in the family? We always want to protect our children, especially within the home. You may not have considered it, but a screen door for the inside of your home leading into your child’s room may be one way you can protect them from certain [...]

Top 15 Home Security Apps for iOS and Android

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Your mobile phone can make home security easier than ever. Through it, you’ve got access to a wealth of security applications, and being able to control each and every one of these through your phone is incredibly convenient. But with so many different apps available, just what should you be looking for? Not all security [...]