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Introducing Xcell Privacy Screens & Gates

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Xcell Privacy Screens and Gates installed by SP Screens provide instant kerb appeal for the modern Australian front and backyard. Xcell Privacy Screens and Gates can be used in a variety of ways to hide and screen those eyesores in your yard such as bins, pool filters and gas bottles etc. Our sleek aluminium slat [...]

A Guide to Keeping Your Children Safe Around Windows

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According to Kidsafe NSW, one child falls from a window each week in Australia. Children aged one to five are at higher risk of falling as they’re naturally curious but are unable to recognise danger. Falls can lead to serious injury or even potentially death. So, if you’ve got small children, it’s important to consider [...]

18 Security Features That Will Boost the Value of Your

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 If you’re thinking of selling your home in the future, increasing its resale value is important. You can invest in renovating rooms, installing a patio or building a full home extension. However, many buyers aren’t looking for a home with a swimming pool or a fancy deck. They’re looking for a home that will keep [...]

8 Tips for Keeping Your Backyard Looking Vibrant in Autumn

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While fiery leaves on trees are a sight to behold in autumn, fallen leaves and dead petals definitely aren’t. In autumn, it can seem that the growth in your garden is starting to slow down, however your lawn and garden are in fact busy preparing for winter. They’re storing nutrients and energy to survive the [...]